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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The most efficient route, which is what you will need to maximise your time at the GC would be along I70 and down to Moab on 191 to 163 through Monument valley and the 89 to 64 into the East entrance to the GC South rim along Desert view drive, before heading out the South entrance to I40. Fortunately this is also a very scenic route ! If you can't get away before 11am then Moab UT should be about as far as you will get on day 1. You can get off I70 and go through Cisco [US6] and Castle valley on [UT128 ]which is a nice little scenic detour along the river. You are still 7 hours away from GC village so you will need an early start and maybe stop for a break in Monument valley. There is the Cameron trading post near to the GC entrance with lodgings, but if you can, I would book lodgings inside the NP to maximize your time. That will give you a good few hours next day to enjoy the area before departing for Vegas. IMO, organised mule rides and water rafting could become a bind with such a short amount of time and I think you will have more than enough to enjoy without them.
    I'm planning a road trip for 5 of us to go from Las Vegas to Denver. Leaving Vegas on 11/3 and our flight out is 11/8. We're renting an RV so sleeping is on us. None of us have been out in that area, and the Grand Canyon is a definite. The rest is up in the air, but we want the great views. Suggestions?

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    It's almost impossible not to find great views between Vegas and Denver.

    You could go from the Grand Canyon up through Monument Valley to Moab like suggested in the post from Dave you referenced.

    You could also go up to Zion and Bryce Canyon and past Capital Reef on the way to Moab.

    You could go up to Monument Valley and continue into Colorado for places like Mesa Verde and the Million Dollar Highway.

    There's plenty of other options too, but those are some of the more popular, some of it will depend upon how much time you want to spend at the Grand Canyon, Vegas, and Denver as well as when your flights are.

    You should also keep in mind that using an RV for a relatively short trip like this, especially at this time of year may not be ideal. The time needed to get familiar with, check out, and return an RV is all quite a bit more than renting a car - and when you only have about 5 days to work with, and about 1000 miles to drive, that's significant. You also need to keep in mind that by early November you could be seeing some snow and or overnight temperatures below zero in high elevation areas like the Grand Canyon and as such you'll need to discuss with the RV company if you need to RV winterized - which would mean no access to any of the water features of the RV - or what precautions you'll need to take to make sure that nothing freezes and leads to an expensive repair.

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    Default Watch the weather.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    If you are collecting your RV on the 3rd you probably won't be on the road until mid afternoon so the Grand canyon would make an ideal first stop and then stay there for night 2 (or close by) so you get a full day exploring the canyon. Other than another night at the canyon you could stay at the Cameron Trading post just outside the east entrance. The RV park is basic but there are nice shops and restaurant so it's ok to sleep over. You could then drive through Monument valley to Moab and overnight in Arches NP'. That would be the 6th so you would then have to make your way along I-70 to near Denver as drop off is normally am for the RV. There are many other options but keep in mind that places at high elevation could see temperatures at below freezing overnight, including the Grand canyon. You will also need to keep an eye on possible travel disruption due to weather at this time of year through the Rockies, you want to make your flight. There is a small RV park in Golden just outside of Denver.

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