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    Default Severe flooding in Zion National Park

    Just a head's up for anyone planning a trip to Zion National Park in the next week or two: there was a flash flood down the Virgin River during the night last night. Many of the roads and trails have been closed due to rock falls and flooding, so you'd be well advised to check with the National Park Service before you go. The same storm systems have caused flooding in parts of the Grand Canyon. The area around Supai (Havasu Falls) had to be evacuated earlier today and will be closed to visitors for at least a week. The monsoons are hitting hard this year, especially in northern Arizona and southern Utah.

    Here's a link to a current news report out of Salt Lake City.


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    Considering the rainstorm we came through on I-70 in CO and UT recently, that does not surprise me. Thanks for the heads up!


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