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    Default DC Traffic coming from HV, NY

    I am planning on going down to Lumberton, NC in two weeks and would like to find out the best route for avoiding DC/Baltimore traffic coming from Dutchess County, NY. Someone suggested to drive to Cape May and take a ferry to Maryland?? Never heard of it, but any suggestions from I-95 or another route would be much welcomed. I would like to leave either on Sunday or a Monday morning around 4 am from NY. Thanks.
    Just looked at the website for ferry--it only goes to Delaware.
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    Default Not That Hard at All

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    Even by the 'shortest' route, through New York, around Philadelphia, and through Baltimore, Washington and Richmond (ouch!) this is farther than is recommended for a single day's safe drive. In fact if you were a professional driver, it would be illegal to drive this in a single day. So My first recommendation is that you plan on spending a night on the road. If you are willing and able to do that then it is possible to miss every city I just listed above, have a very scenic, relaxing and enjoyable trip, and save a bundle on tolls while adding around a hundred miles to your overall drive. What you'd do is get on I-84 west and take that to Scranton PA, where you'd get on I-81 south and stay on that all the way to Roanoke VA. From there US-220 will take you to Greensboro NC where it ties in with I-73 and I-74 down to Rockingham and on to Lumberton. I'd suggest that you spend the night somewhere in the Appalachian foothills of northern Virginia. Staunton and Lexington are both quite lovely towns worthy of an evening stroll down Main Street.

    I have used the Cape May - Lewes ferry, and while I am generally a big fan of such conveyances, in your case I don't think it's appropriate. You'd still have to drive through New York and Norfolk. You'd still have heavy tolls. And with the wait for and the speed of the ferry you'd still have to spend an overnight somewhere.


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    Thank you so much for the detailed info! I was planning on stopping for a rest overnight & resuming the drive. Would the route you mentioned keep me away from DC/Baltimore area?

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    Default Absolutely!

    As mentioned, you will miss New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond/Petersburg. I thnk the biggest cities you'll see on the suggested route are Scranton/Wilkes Barre and Greensboro.


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    I second that route. We use to often go from Virginia up to Massachusetts and while longer the I-81 to I-84 (or reverse for you) is so much more pleasant. I-81 has a lot of truck traffic but is still better, and much more scenic, than I-95 any day.

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    I-81 has a lot of truck traffic but is still better, and much more scenic, than I-95 any day.
    Especially when all you're seeing on parts of I-95 is the tail brake lights of the many, many vehicles in front of you. Ugh. Take the longer route, or the US/state routes!


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    Taking all of you guys great advice & going to travel the scenic route! Sounds worth it to me! Thanks to all!

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