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  1. Default Roadtrip From Miami to new york (through New Orleans, Chicago and Washington D.C.)

    Hey, I'm looking for suggestions and tips for our road-trip this summer.

    Please reply to the thread below!:D

    We already have some things in mind... and put it in the Roadtrippers app as you can see in the link below.

    Last year we went from San Francisco to Denver and visit all the national parks in between.
    This was amazing and now we want to see the other side of the USA.
    We realized that this is a totally different trip, and want to asked you for suggestions so we can make this trip just as incredible.

    Thank you for helping us!!!19...72894791896125

    If you don't want to open the link, here are the places on our list.

    We already rented a car from miami to washington and ar going from Washington to New York by tain. So everything between Miami and Washington van be considered.

    Biscayne National Park - Key West - Everglades City - Naples - Sanibel - Fort Myers - Orlando - Mobile - New Orleans - Louisiana - Sucre - French Quarter - Vicksburg - Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis - Sun Studio - Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor's Center
    Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Blue Ridge Mountains - Nashville - The Johnny Cash Museum - Big Muddy River - Gateway Arch - St. Louis - Niagara Falls - Pittsburgh - Shenandoah National Park - White House - Lincoln Memorial - Arlington National Cementary - ViatorFind Tours - National Mall - Statue of Liberty - National September 11 Memorial Museum - Brooklyn Bridge - Central Park - Empire State Building - Times Square -
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    Default So, what kind of suggestions are you looking for?

    Welcome to the trip advice forum. We're not big fans of the app, but hopefully it works for you. RTA has a different approach and philosophy to building road trip maps.

    You have put together a very interesting list of attractions -- what kind of suggestions were you looking for?


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    Thank you, it’s unfortunately that you can only fill in 23 places. We are looking for places to go, national parks, viewpoints al kinds of places to visit.
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    Default Need a bit more parameters from you

    Quote Originally Posted by Martijn95m View Post
    Thank you, it’s unfortunately that you can only fill in 23 places. We are looking for places to go, national parks, viewpoints al kinds of places to visit.
    Until recently there were only 8 POI that you could add to a route on a RTA Map. I've built some very convoluted routes and I'd never used all 23. Wait a minute, the 23 waypoints are for creating the route -- you could load 150,000+ personal attractions, (we call them "Custom Places" on your map.) Essentially there is no limit to how many Custom Places you can put on a map.

    Tell us your answers to these questions, and we'll have a better idea of the parameters of kind of places you are seeking. How long do you have for this trip? Who is going? What is your budget?



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    It’s not totally clear to me but I will start again and try it! Thank you for the tip.

    We have 3 weeks, so for now it’s a total of 73 hours drive, that’s 3,5 hours every day... but some days we will drive for 7 hours and have a day to visit places. We are two friends 22 and 23 years old. We are not planning on going out or partying, but driving a lot of miles and drink IPA’s in local bars.

    I hope you have some great spots for us to visit.


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    Default Planning.

    Hi Martijn.

    I'm sorry I can't offer any personal experience to your trip but I am not familiar with the east coast. However for planning purposes I have a couple of suggestions. For first hand knowledge of attractions in the area you are travelling, check out the RTA Map centre where you can click on the map and see what RTA contributors find interesting. Also use the search function to navigate your way around the forums researching similar trips. (Scroll down and you will see some and repeat as much as you want with each thread you visit) What I would then do is start working on a day to day itinerary with the places you have listed and any new ones you find interesting. Once you have done this you will see 'where' in your trip there may be some gaps to fill. I think once you get this far you should post your planned itinerary in this thread and then members will be able to offer much more meaningful advice then they can just looking at a list of random places and going to another site to look at a map. Once you have the basic details in order it will become much clearer to you, and others, of the areas you need some help and where your trip could be tweaked to get the best from it.

    Enjoy the planning !

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