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  1. Default Providence to Los Angeles

    Hi all,

    I have come up with a tentative schedule for a road trip from Providence RI, to L.A. at the end of this month. We have two drivers and are traveling east to west, one way via interstates 90, 80, 70, and 15.

    Day 1) Providence to Toledo - 760 miles
    Day 2) Toledo to Omaha- 702 miles
    Day 3) Omaha to Grand Junction, CO- 780 miles
    Day 4) Grand Junction to Las Vegas - 505 miles
    Day 5) Las Vegas to Los Angeles - 273 miles
    Day 6) Contingency
    Day 7) Fly back from LA

    As we are attempting to do this trip in less than a week, we understand that the vast majority of this trip will be spent in the car, we are into photography and are hoping to stop at any and all must see scenic vistas along the route. Since we only have 1 day in L.A., I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to spend it. We would like to drive all the way to ocean, and are wondering if there is a quintessential beach or cliff where we can formally end our journey. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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    You have had advise abut how far it is possible to travel safely each day so all I will say on that matter is that those first 3 days are going to make for an exhausting and unsafe trip with no time for stops for scenic vistas and photographic opportunities. If you continued from LV to LA on day 6 instead of a 'Contingency day' and used the 'extra' day to divide your mileages out differently at the start, I think you would have a much better (and safer) experience. (Perhaps stops around Cleveland, Iowa, Ogallala and Moab)

    To answer your question. With limited time I would think that Santa Monica Pier would be quite an iconic place to finish your trip to the coast. Although you are not following the route, it does have the 'End of Route 66' sign on the pier.

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    What week is this trip to take place?

    I'd like to know so that I can plan NOT to be on the same road with you. Those 700+ mile days can be killers, particularly three days in a row of them. I'd like to plan not to be killed.


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    Default It only takes a few small changes.

    What you have missed, is that a trip like this needs to be planned the same way an athelete plans a marathon No marathon runner would ever plan to burn themselves out in the first few miles, and then exhausted stumble to the finish. Yet that is exactly what you have set yourself up for.

    Fatigue is the insiduous enemy of the long distance traveller, and kills thousands every year. Don't plan to be one of them.

    At more than 3200 miles (you will of course drive much more, by the time you find accommoidation, places to eat, etc.) This trip is perfect for six 500 - 550 miles each day.

    Make some small changes and have a safe, enjoyable trip.


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