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    Traveling home from Ohio and deathly afraid of mountain driving even on wide highways. Looking for the flattest route even if it adds time/miles. Donít mind traffic. Didnít like I24 or I71 on the way upóheard I65 was better but is it? How would I go that way? Thanks! (And please donít tell me Iíll enjoy the view. Iím terrified to the point of passing out about driving these mountains.)

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    The Appalachian Mountains extend all the way down into Alabama, slowly getting lower and rounder as they progress south. Your best bet, then, is to simply drive around them by heading down well into Alabama before turning east towards Florida. Fortunately, this adds 'only' about 150 miles to your trip so you can still do it in two days to northern Florida, although if you're heading very far down either coast you will need to use at least part of a third day.

    Specifically, you should be looking at I-71/I-65 down to Montgomery AL, then US-231 (mostly four-lane near freeway quality) down to I-10 in Florida.


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    Thank you!!!

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