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The plan at the moment (although it could and probably will change) is to fly to Canada from the U.k. we have a dog which we will bring with us so the flight time to Canada is about 6 hours. we would then cross the border into the U.S.A. and hopefully spend the next 6 months there. Again we have nothing confirmed but we may spend 6 months in Canada after being in the U.S.A. It all depends on getting the appropriate visa first. so my plan would still be to buy rather than rent if im going to keep the car for a year. I hope I'm making our plans clear even though nothing has been put in motion yet. we really do like the idea of travelling from west to east and taking our time with it.
All visas to the US have a set number of days you can stay in the US. After that time expires you must leave the North American continent. Canada will not be acceptable, neither is Mexico, the Bahamas or the Carribean. You must go to another continent. You will need to do Canada first if you want to spend your meximum time in the US. Then a few days before that time is up, you leave to go back to Canada, making sure your flight leaves the North American continent no later than the day your time in the US expires. Your time back in Canada will be counted as time in the US. [Don't overlook the fact that if you want to go to Alaska all the time back through Canada to the lower 48, will be counted as time in the US.]

Have you read all the tedious fine print on the embassy website.... and all the links?