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    Hi all,

    New to the forums so be nice!

    Myself and my partner, 25 years old each, are looking to do a 6 month road trip across the USA from the UK.

    We do not have a direct route yet but we're planning on flying into New York and flying back from either Seattle or Vegas.

    Could anyone recommend any car rental companies beside the majors? We're getting silly quotes for this rental and it's making me wonder whether buying a car and trading it in at the end is a better option?

    Would love to see what others have sorted on their road trips.


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    Default Buying ain't easy, well....

    We're always nice :-) Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Buying a car in the USA is easy, getting paper work such as Titles, Insurance and doing it all legally is a different matter and can end up taking a huge amount of time and money with still no guarantees of it actually happening. So really renting is your only option and for long term rentals you would probably need a major company, although searching the Web might prove otherwise. One thing that would help keep your cost down is to start and finish your trip in the same City as you will avoid a huge one way charge.

    One other option to save money if you don't mind a bit of camping would be to see what places like Escape campers for long term rentals. It provides a bed for the night which means cheap camping in the National parks etc and you could get a Hotel room whenever you need a good freshen up and a bit of pampering.

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    Before digging too deeply into the car rental, have you gotten your visa approved to do a trip for 6 months? Without a visa, you can only visit for 3 months on the visa waiver program.

    What you've proposed is going to be crazy expensive, because not only are you talking about a long term rental, but you also want to go one way across the country - which means even more fees and charges. It also means that a major company is going to be your only rental option.

    If you are able to make this trip for 6 months, then purchasing is probably a better option. That's not without issues either, it is a time consuming process - you need time to find a suitable car, get it inspected, and then get it licensed, registered, and insured, which as Dave indicated can be difficult for a non-resident, although having a long term visa might make that a bit easier. Then on the back end, you also need time to sell the car, or be prepared to sell it to a dealer for a fraction of what you paid for it.

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