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    Hi Mark

    I wish I had seen your colleague's site before I started planning our trip as it would have given us some great ideas for ours. I was actually sat at my computer working on our trip when an email popped up saying that .blog domains could now be registered and, with everyone in the US fast asleep as it was the middle of the night there, I had registered in minutes! I then ran a blog for family and friends whilst we were away. However, as it was a paid for domain and hosting package, and we retired folk have to watch our pennies so that we can keep travelling, I never renewed when the time arrived. However, before letting it all lapse I recreated the blog using Google's free Blogger. Whilst the quality, particularly picture size is not so good as the original, free is always good! It is also remarkably easy to use so I used it again for a tour this year of New Zealand and Australia, where we sat on coaches instead of driving!

    The Lincoln Highway is on our list, as are Highway 61 and Routes 62 and 20. So many iconic routes but so little time and money to do them all!


    PS I have just checked and is available again and has not been snapped up by anyone
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