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  1. Default Kiwi family 3 teenagers - 3 weeks over Xmas Houston to Miami

    We will fly into Houston 21 December 2018 , we have 3 weeks
    Looking for any ideas ref where good place to spend xmas , how booked up is accomodation etc ? Is it busy or are most people just at home .
    Want to travel off the beaten track a little , will finish up prob in Orlando for 3 days then fly back to Houston / then home to New Zealand
    Any help or ideas much appreciated

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    Welcome Back to the RTA Forum! (We never heard how your California RV trip went!)

    As far as Holiday Hotels, it really depends upon where you're looking. There are a lot of areas - especially resort type areas - where people will use the holiday to take a family vacation. For example, the week between Christmas and New Years is one of the busiest weeks of the entire year at Disney World. For other areas - especially those who cater to business travelers - it's not especially busy, although traveling families and people visiting relatives will take up some of that space.

    As far as specifics of where to go, that's really hard with how little you've told us. There's just so many options of things you could do with 3 weeks to get from Houston to Orlando that it's tough for anyone to narrow that down for you. If you look back to your last trip, you got a lot of feedback, because you threw out lots of ideas and had specific questions, that people could respond to, and point out things that might work or not work, or could work well within the framework that you came up with.

    One thing that should be pointed out, is that finishing in Orlando and flying back to Houston likely will mean a pretty significant one-way fee for your car rental. Doing a loop of some sort would probably save you quite a bit of money.

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    Default Lucky for You...'ll be crossing the International Date Line on your way to Houston. That means you arrive some 25-28 hours after your departure but on the same day as you left. So you'll have the afternoon/evening/night of that day (the 21st) to just get checked into a good hotel and collapse until the next morning. What I'd suggest you do then is take a couple of days and head for an area where Christmas is heavily celebrated and you have at least an outside chance of seeing snow. That would be the southern Appalachians. Specifically, I'd suggest looking into staying in the Great Smoky Mountains area around Asheville NC. Dollywood in Pigeon Forge TN does Christmas in a big way. And while Christmas is a tourist draw in this area, it's not as big a draw as summer and fall, so there should be accommodations fairly readily available.

    After that, you might want to look at spending a little beach time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and/or Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia. And while it's not off-the-beaten-path, I'm sure your teenagers would enjoy a visit to the Kennedy Space Center near Titusville FL. There will be no shortage of less-visited sites through out your journey. Start by checking out the many units of the National Forest and the National Wildlife Refuge systems.

    I totally agree with Michael about returning by car to Houston rather than incurring the added expense of an internal flight plus what is sure to be a hefty one-way drop-off fee on the car hire. It's a relatively easy two day drive back to Houston from Orlando with most of it being along the Gulf Coast with both unique swamplands and vibrant cities such as New Orleans. And to be honest, I think the only place where you might have problems with finding accommodations over the Christmas and New Year's holidays are on the Florida coast, so I'd urge you to deal with that first: pick dates that leave you time to drive back to Houston and then start looking for and booking your places on the Florida coast and then work from there.


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    Default So many choices.

    If you plan to drive the gulf coast road, east of NOLA, I suggest you do it on the east bound leg. It will put you on the side of the ocean, and give you opportunities to pull in to the parking spots, and enjoy the beach, if you are so enclined. With the medium strip, it is extremely difficult to get to the beach from the west bound lanes.

    From Tallahassee to Orlando, may enjoy US-27/19. At interstate standard, it is much more scenic and pleasant to drive than I-75 and I-10. There are many attractions along US-1 if you take that rather thann I-95. The murals in Ft Pierce are just one of them.


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    thanks for yr reply . where to start ref our RV trip on the west coast, we had a fantastic time , and a lot of that was due to our planning in advance helped by the information given on this site , this proved invaluable - we thought our kids highlights would be Disneyland ! But they surprised us As they were Yosemite,Death Valley & Grand Canyon . staying in the parks was fantastic thank goodness we were advised to book in advance or we wouldn't have been able to get in , we were up in the middle of the night here in New Zealand logging into National park websites to book once the dates we needed came available . likewise our special activities like trip down gc & helicopter trip and many others wouldn't have been possible if we hadn't booked beforehand.
    I understand what you mean about having a rough plan so advice can be specific to that. with our west coast trip the outline of our trip seemed obvious but this time we have a lot less knowledge on the area we are coming to . I do like the idea of spending a day or so in Houston then a hire car , & yes now see the sense in a round trip back to Houston in the car . Like the idea of heading slightly north then east to the coast , down to Orlando then back to Houston via New Orleans , is it worth the extra miles/time to go down to the Keys or will we be pushing it time wise?. AZ buck meantioned the Ashville area for Xmas which looks interesting but thought it might be a bit far to drive to get there b4 Xmas & be able to stop at interesting places along the way , Any ideas for somewhere else a bit closer to Houston For Xmas ? We had planned to be in Orlando for 3 days & not until beginning of our 3rd week so that will hopefully make booking accom easier & queues shorter, any advice would be greatly appreciated ��

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    So we have fixed some of our route , but looking for any ideas anyone has to offer , We wanted to go to Orlando parks in the last week because hopefully crowds will be less, so thought we would drive back to Houston over 3 days which will only leave time to stop & see/do something on one of the days, so thought we would visit New Orleans & surrounding area before we head to Orlando, but are looking for somewhere else to go in the more northern area we are in before dropping down to the coast. We will look at staying somewhere over by cape Canaveral for a couple of days before Orlando
    Day 1 , 20 dec arrive Houston 1 pm , drive San Antonio
    D2 , 21 Dec San Antonio
    D3 , 22 Dec Drive Fort Worth , Rodeo
    D3, 23 Dec , Drive to lake Caddo , river trip then on to Natchotoches for Xmas fireworks
    D4, 24 Dec Natchotoches
    D5 25 Dec Natchotoches
    D6 , 26 Dec drive to ......
    D7 , 27 Dec
    D8 , 29 Dec
    D9, 30 Dec
    D10, 31 Dec
    D11,1 Jan
    D12, 2 Jan
    D13, 3 Jan
    D14, 4 Jan Cape Canaveral ?
    D15, 5 Jan Cape Caneveral ?
    D16 , 6 Jan Arrive Orlando , bags to luggage hold then to Universal
    D17, 7 Jan Universal
    D18, 8 Jan DL
    D19, 9 Jan Drive towards Houston far as we can get
    D20 , 10 Jan
    D21 , 11 Jan. Airport 5pm, fly home 8pm Houston to Auckland

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