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  1. Default Family Road Trip: Austin to WashingtonDC, NewYork, Boston, Niagra Falls, Toronto

    Hello Everyone: Planning a 2 week summer family road trip from Austin to beautiful NE. This will be our first time in NE.
    We would like to visit following places: Washington DC, New York, Boston, Niagra Falls, Toronto.

    Would appreciate inputs on:
    • Route
    • Places to visit

    Thanks in advance!!


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    What's the make up of your family? What experience do you have with RoadTrips?

    2 weeks sounds like a lot of time, until you look at just how much you're hoping to do. Just covering the cities you've listed means a minimum of 4200 miles on the road - that's 8 full days worth of driving just to cover those miles! That means you only have at most day or two at each of those cities you've listed, without adding anything else. You might consider cutting out either Boston or Niagara Falls/Toronto so you have more time to actually enjoy the cities - especially if you have young children.

    That means you really have to take pretty much the direct route between all of your points, but since there are a few similar distance options, I'd try to avoid using the same roads twice.

    That means heading to DC, I'd take I-10/I-12/I-59/I-75/I-40/I-81/I-66. It's a full 3 day drive, and you'd be looking at overnight stops around Slidell LA and Knoxville TN.

    I-95 will take you up through NYC and Boston, and I-90 will take you back to Niagara Falls/Toronto.

    Heading Home, again, there are a couple options, but all would take a full 3 days. The fastest route would likely be ON-401 to Detroit, then I-69/I-70/I-57/I-55/I-40/I-30/I-35 with overnight stops around Indianapolis and Little Rock.

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    When I'm to the point in a trip planning stage of knowing where we *want* to go, but wondering "do we have enough time?" I start with the next phase, looking at mileages between points and figuring how much time it takes to get from there to there to there. Then I look at day-to-day planning, realizing that you can only drive so far in one day before you're zonkered and need to get off the highway. Often times, it pulls me back to reality (especially when I was still in the early stages of learning to plan road trips). I have to start cutting things here and there, saving them "for another trip".

    Just for something else to think about -- how much time to spend in the DC area is going to mean figuring out WHAT you want to see. If it's "just" the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Mall and the main memorials (Jefferson, Lincoln), you'll get by with a one-day shot. But adding the museums, as I've found out in my own planning, you start adding days. Theater? Zoo? Add more time, more days.

    To think about the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and Toronto, you'll need passports. Check outthis website for information. As American citizens, my husband and I found more questions and a harder time given trying to return to the US than we did to get into Canada, but that could have been the border crossing or the agent himself.

    Looking at Toronto and Niagara Falls for a future trip for myself and hubby, I have found that one could spend several days in Toronto alone, and at least 2-3 days at the Falls to do something besides look, snap a few photos, and leave.


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