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    I've been traveling for almost 6 years the next statement will seem funny "I still feel like my planning is off or I'M missing stuff".
    I travel full time so times not a biggie just watching for the snow and heat.
    From Tennessee to Maine I'M actually in Louisiana, but since Great Grand baby girls been born I need to get north.
    We basically drive up to 200 miles. We are not big on big towns and try to stay off intestate hwy. So Places like Down town Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga did that traffic is crazy there. We like history, museums basically stuff in that area won't be any water parks or hiking long distances we are an older retired couple. So some suggestion would be appreciated. I'M still trying to figuer this out,
    Thanks to all Y'all's help.
    Just Don

    We are more like turtles with our home on our backs not weekend road warriors..
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Did you have any starting ideas for some places you want to go?

    Having virtually unlimited time to slowly make your way across the country is fantastic, but that also comes with virtually unlimited options.

    You could do a fairly direct route - heading across the south, and then make your way up the Appalachians, through Smokey Mountain NP, Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, etc all the way into New York State and then cut over through New England.

    You could follow the coasts, first the gulf coasts and then up the east coast, either all the way, or swing back out west a bit to bypass NY and Boston once you get around Delaware or NJ.

    You could make your way up the Great River Road, maybe even follow it all the way to Minnesota or Wisconsin and then go over the Great Lakes, through Canada, and back down into Maine.

    Or you could do something else entirely!

    But those are at least the basic kinds of ideas that only you can decide. Once you've got at least a few more specific ideas and goals of places, then other people will be in a much better position to help you put everything together and come up with things that would fit into a nice plan that fits your goals.

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    Default Go Where You Haven't

    As Michael noted, there are plenty of possible routes for you to choose from and certainly no shortage of smaller parks, museums, historic sites, and scenic roads to enjoy no matter which way you choose to go. So the first bit of advice I'd give you is to choose a basic route that takes you through areas and to places that you haven't visited or explored in depth before. You can start by picking one of the three basic ways to get from Louisiana to Maine. Again, as Michael noted, these are: following the coast, following the Appalachians, or following the inland rivers.

    Each has its advantages and disadvantages. But the main advantage in this case, where you have plenty of time and no particular sights to see en route, should be that you haven't driven it before. I suspect that you have seen much of the east coast in your travels already, and once north of the Chesapeake Bay area it becomes difficult (but not impossible) to avoid urban sprawl and toll roads. The Appalachian corridor probably is the most scenic option, but would require a fair amount of 'mountain' driving and if you're pulling a trailer that could become cumbersome. The inland river route (Mississippi, Ohio, Erie Canal) would be relatively flat and traverse some of the heartland of America, but is the longest of the three basic options. Any of them is doable and a pace of only 200 miles per day is going to allow you time to see much of what's available, so the choice is up to you, but all other things being equal, I'd be looking to travel the route I haven't driven yet.


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