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  1. Default Moving from Louisville, KY to Bradenton, FL Late-May

    Hey all. I accepted a job down in Florida and am going to have to make a long drive down. Thankfully, I am electing not to use a U-Haul and will be having a full-service moving company move my things down for me.

    I live on the East Side of Louisville, and will be driving close to 1000 miles down to Bradenton. Few questions about this route:

    1. Should I take I-64 East to I-75 and ride 75 the whole way? or.. take 65 South to Nashville, hop on 24, then take 75?

    2. Best time to make it through Atlanta? I'm wanting to do this drive in 2 days, probably stopping on the southern end of Atlanta metro by the end of the first day. I'm a bit worried about Atlanta being rough in terms of traffic and likelihood of being involved in an accident. Is it easier to go straight through or take 285 around? Anyone on this forum have experience going through this area?

    I'm very happy to begin a new life in Florida, and i'm extremely thankful for any Roadtrip Advice you all can provide.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, I will be driving a mid-size sedan down, just in case type of car impacts any of your recommendations.

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    Welcome Back to the RTA Forum!

    I guess this means you must not have moved to Florida 2 years ago?

    As far as your first question, it really doesn't make much difference which way you get to Chattanooga. Going via Nashville is about 20 miles shorter, but with a little bit of traffic that wouldn't make much difference, and I always seem to run into traffic coming into Chattanooga on I-24.

    Having said that, if you went via Nashville, it would be easier to bypass Atlanta completely and instead travel south through Alabama, using I-65 to Montgomery, then US-231 to Florida.

    As far as #2, if you do go through Atlanta, I've always just gone straight through, and I've actually rarely run into bad traffic (which is partially good luck, and partially trying to avoid peak rush times). If you're planning to end your day just south of Atlanta, I would probably try to time it so I wasn't getting to the ATL area until about 7, so rush hour would at least be coming towards an end, otherwise, I'd want to be getting into the ATL area by at least 3 pm, if you'd rather travel earlier in the day. There were also some other bypass ideas in your previous thread that might be worth taking a second look at.

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    Haha, I had planned on moving a few years ago but it didn't end up happening :P

    I am for sure this time, and thankfully to a much nicer area. I hadn't even thought of re-visiting the older thread, since it is basically the same route. Google Maps seems to be pretty accurate, but depending on road conditions, their route changes from taking I-65 through Nashville as quicker, to taking I-75 through Knoxville as being quicker.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I've done I-65 to Montgomery, then US-231 down to I-10. It's a good route and does completely avoid Atlanta. If you do this, look at an overnight in Troy, Ozark, or Dothan. It's roughly 1 hour longer than going through Atlanta with no delays. If you hit Atlanta in rush hour, that could easily eat up that hour.

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    I've driven straight through Atlanta many times, using the HOV lane. Usually this is faster than using the bypass, but not always.

    One week ago Saturday, I drove I-75 north through Atlanta and it was a big mistake, even using the HOV lane. Traffic was terrible. The road construction didn't help matters. My brother in law followed on Sunday and only faced a 45 minute delay.

    That was northbound; I don't recall what the traffic was like southbound.

    By the way, as you head further south, be sure to take the Macon bypass. Look at a map. Unlike the Atlanta bypass which adds extra miles, taking the Macon bypass is shorter than going through downtown. It's frustrating passing a bunch slower traffic before the bypass, only to find them well ahead of you an hour later!

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