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    I got a new job in Maine. I currently reside at north carolina.

    I'm planning to buy a 2006 Honda CRV (166K miles) 4WD. The car needs some work to be done for the rear breaks and the vtech spool valve needs to be changed. But rest of the checks were good.

    Is it safe to take the 2006 honda crv for a long drive from charlotte to bar harbor (1300 miles road trip)?

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    Default You need a real world opinion.

    Hi aqua and welcome to RTA !

    When you are talking about the braking system and other safety aspects you really need a qualified mechanic to answer your question after having inspected them. The same can be said of the mechanical condition and whether or not they will make the journey, but safety is paramount. I'm sorry but no one on an Internet forum can give you sound advice as to the state of your vehicle. If a mechanic has said brakes need work they should be taken care of before using on the road.

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    Buying a used car is an adventure. There may be issues that can't be found except by living with the car for awhile as the problems might be intermittent or only occur at speed so won't be found by even the most skilled mechanic.

    Age and mileage isn't an automatic disqualified though. Last year's 1400 mile each way roadtrips were in vehicles with 330,000 mi, 205,000 mi and 190,000 mi. But they were known to be well maintained (I own 2 of them and the 330k one was my Dad's pride and joy going into new hands) and were watched VERY carefully during the trips.

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