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    Hi everyone,

    Iím hoping someone could give me advice on a road trip for October. We have to end in Anaheim for late October and would like to see at least Yosemite, sequoia NPís, and Death Valley. We donít have flights yet as Iím trying to figure out best route. The best and most sense that I have seen would be

    Las Vegas to Death Valley 1 night
    Death Valley to Yosemite 3-4 nights (Tioga Pass)
    Yosemite to sequoia/kings canyon 1 night
    Sequoia to Anaheim

    Iím having second thoughts that maybe driving would be too much to go north just to go south and would flying into San Fran be better. Iím also concerned that 1 night in Death Valley wonít be enough.

    Any advice is appreciated
    Thank you

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think you've come up with a very solid plan.

    1 night in Death Valley should be sufficient, as long as you are leaving Vegas relatively early. It's only a few hours drive from Vegas to DV, so spending the night there still gives you pretty much a full day to explore.

    If you are really concerned about it and/or you aren't able to leave Vegas until the afternoon, you could spend one of your Yosemite nights around Lee Vining, which would give you a little extra time to explore Death Valley and the Mammoth Lakes region.

    Having said all that, You do need to keep in mind that Tioga Pass is not guaranteed to be open in Late October. While more often than not, the pass doesn't close for the season until November, it does shut down in October from time to time. Even if the pass is still open for the season, it is also possible that a storm could temporarily close the road for a day. That shouldn't keep you from visiting, but it is something you do need to keep in mind, however.

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    Thank you so much!!!

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