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    Just took a trip to Seattle in 1st week of April on I25/I90 route via Denver the first time on this specific route. I recommend this route I70/I25/I90. Should be very simple and easier terrain then other routes.

    I taken other routes such as I70/US2/US191/US6/I15/I84/I82/I90 I80/I15/I84/I82/I90 but recommend I25/90 for first timers.

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    Thank you everyone for the replies. I-90 it is. I really appreciate the advice! I am looking forward to the trip but I am getting older and can’t do those really long days anymore. We’ve given ourselves plenty of time so we will probably do 4-5 days. Seattle is far away!! Lol. I am sure future visits will be via airplane! Again, thanks so much for the advice. You are all very nice.

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    Default 4 days is a minimum.

    Don't pay any attention to on-line mapping programs for time estimates (mileage is spot on) and get an unwelcome surprise ! Four days is enough time but it's not plenty of time, it's a minimum requirement to do the trip safely and with basic stops you will be on the road for 9-10 hours per day. Add to that breakfast, shower and packing up in the morning, checking in and sitting down to dinner in the evening and they start to look like long days. 5 days will give you a more relaxed journey and a little more time out each day.

    Have a safe trip and let us know how you got on.

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