Our very own Rick Quinn reports in from his nine-city book tour.

"...From July of 2016 to December of 2017, a period of almost a year and a half, I spent just about every waking minute of nearly every single day working on, thinking about, or worrying about this book. If I wasn’t poring over maps, researching history and geology, or driving some remote desert highway, I was taking photographs, editing photographs, or driving on some curvy mountain road. In between all of that driving and researching, I was writing, writing, and writing still more, pounding away at my “soft touch” keyboard so relentlessly that I literally raised blisters on my fingertips! From inception to completion, this book was an enormous, all-consuming project, and the effort required was epic. The fact that I’d actually finished the danged thing really was a big deal, worthy of a really big celebration!" Read more!