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    I am from the Philippines, and my husband and I have to go to Vegas from Yosemite a few days before the Memorial Day weekend for a school reunion. Granting that the Tioga Pass will be open by this time, how long will it take to reach Vegas from Yosemite? Will the Bakersfield via 99 then going east via the Mojave desert be a longer route?

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    There really is no contest in this. It is significantly shorter to go around the mountains rather than over Tioga Pass and through them. This is true whether you define 'shorter' in terms of either time or distance. Indeed, going south out of Yosemite on CA-41 to CA-99 (freeway quality) to Bakersfield and then using CA-58 east to connect with I-15 for the final run up into Las Vegas is the only choice you have if you want to do this drive safely in a day. Going over Tioga Pass would add another 140 miles and at least three to four hours to your drive.


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    Default IF (??) Tioga pass is open.

    Not knowing how long you will be in Yosemite for, or exactly where you are staying makes it a little more difficult to give advice. I think Buck may have mistaken the route distance and time going over the mountains with Tioga closed and the need to go up to CA88. With Tioga pass open it is actually shorter in distance by around 70 miles and would take slightly longer, if you were not going to stop to take in the views over Tioga Pass, which is unlikely as they are amazing ! So it's likely that it will take 10 or 11 hours via Tioga and around 9 hours heading south around the mountains. Not much difference in time in some ways, but adding it to an already full day on the road will become tiring. What I would do (if possible) is leave Yosemite valley the day before (around lunchtime) and drive over the Tioga pass, stop and enjoy the views and spend the night in Lee Vining or Bishop and then continue to Las Vegas in the morning. Tioga Pass is a big part of the Yosemite experience after all. Doing this means you could even drive across the stunning landscape of Death valley.

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