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  1. Default Cross country solo woman trip. Tent camping too risky?

    Hi I am doing a solo cross country trip by myself for my retirement present soon. Trying to save a bit of money on hotel expenses and am wondering if it is doable for me to tent camp a few nights in safe locations like state parks. Is it better to get a cabin or or has anybody here that is the woman tent camp across the United States and felt comfortable. Thanks!

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    Default As long as it's not all about budget.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    We use campgrounds in the UK and USA and always found them to be safe and friendly and is always a good opportunity to meet like minded people who are willing to share a coffee around the camp fire and swap info and road trip ideas. So I would say it's a great idea if you are the type to enjoy camping and the great outdoors and it isn't purely out of budget needs.

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    Default Follow your instincts.

    Quote Originally Posted by winebuff View Post
    ... or has anybody here that is the woman tent camp across the United States and felt comfortable. Thanks!
    It is now some time ago, but in early this century I spent several trips in the US, including cross country, tent camping. I would camp anywhere, in campgrounds at State Parks, National and State forests etc. Never have I felt uncomfortable. But I always made a point of camping not too far from another, and getting to know them. The benefits were that often I got an offer of help to pitch the (very small hiking) tent and I knew someone would know who was in that tent, should anything happen.

    Yes! I was (and still am) travelling solo as a female senior citizen.

    Point is, if you don't like the look of the place or feel a measure of discomfort, even on arrival - move on. It probably was not the spot for you.


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    During recent cross-country/nearly cross-country trips, camping in national parks, national recreation areas/BLM and a couple of state parks, I have spoken with several single women, young and old. They have reported good experiences across the board. Met even more single women during ranger tours and presentations. Quite surprising to see so many solo-women out there and lots of retirement age women breaking out of their shells.

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