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    Thanks Donna- all the NP are full. May try to chance it with a wait.

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    Thanks lifey!!

    Great advice! Kodachrome looks sweet, and has vacancies! Thanks for your help.

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    Hi All-

    Completed my trip- the advice I received in this forum from my post and others was invaluable, and I’m thankful for all of you who moderate and contribute.

    At the last minute in mid April, I had to change my trip to be a week later 5/12-5/26. I managed to get reservations in all national parks by trying everyday- multiple times a day.

    SLC - BRYCE 3 nights - Kodachrome basin campground and hiking was awesome! Also had no problem snagging walkup reservations in the park before 10am
    Rte 12 to Capital Reef- breathtaking drive!!
    Fruita Campground in Capital reef was beautiful, and the hiking was great
    Arches - devils garden campground was nice.
    Canyonlands- Needles outpost right outside the park was great camping- spots were private, and scenery great
    Detour to Natural Bridges National Monument. - excellent hiking- no crowds
    Grand Canyon south rim 3 nights. Mather campground was busy, but sites were shady. Staying in the park to be around at sunrise/sunset is perfect to avoid crowds
    Zion 2 nights park campgrounds were hit or miss depending on spots. My least favorite park due to all the crowds.

    Lesson learned: as all the moderators say- driving takes way longer than you plan for. Drives I estimated as taking 3 hours- turned into much longer, with scenic stops and breaks. I drove 2000 miles, and soon realized the driving was as much of the trip as the stops were. The drive was breathtaking, and beautiful and I enjoyed the journey as much as the destination.

    Thanks again!

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    Default Thanks for the update.

    Thanks so much for coming back and sharing your experience with us, I'm sure your comments will help many other Road trippers in the future. Pleased to read you had a great time !

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