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    Hi All -

    In the process of buying a travel trailer. Was wondering if there is an app or navigation system you use with RV driving directions that would let you know of roads you are unable to travel on with a trailer?

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    I don't know about anything electronic, but the Rand McNally trucker's atlas may be helpful:


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    Default Not Cheap, but They Do Exist

    I'm not aware of such an app either and it would really seem to me that you want all the low bridge, narrow roadway, etc. information to be fully integrated with your GPS, so you're not having to get within some distance of the obstacle before you stand alone app warns you about it, and the shortest alternative involves some significant backtracking. There are such units. Garmin offers a couple, Rand McNally offers a few more. Those are among the 'big boys' in the navigation field but as noted in the title of this reply, their units are not inexpensive, very roughly in the $250-350+ range. You might be able to find something cheaper from another manufacturer, or you might find a used one for resale. What you want to make sure of is that the unit has clearance heights and road widths in its data base and there's some way to enter the dimensions of your RV, even if it's just in general terms.

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    Former RV'er and wife of former commercial driver here....

    Sticking to the US and interstate highways will keep you out of trouble for both height and length. Occasionally your state highways may have some issues (thinking here of UT-128, for instance). Really, most of your problems are going to be navigating cities and even small towns. They may have viaducts that are not tall enough for you. Many times, in recent days, the older viaducts/underpasses have been fixed so there's a detour for delivery wagons.

    The trucker's atlas itself is about $40-70, depending on whether you want the one with laminated pages for durability. The information in the front is worth reading, because there will be notes about what bridges and tunnels you cannot take because you have propane bottles aboard, even if you turn them off for the duration of the transit.

    What's your tow vehicle? The reason I ask -- some pick-up trucks are too tall or too weighty for parking garages. Hubby and I pulled into a hospital parking lot and noticed a sign limiting vehicles to maximum height 6'6" (ours is 6'8") and 6000 lbs (ours weighs a bit over 8000). We had to find elsewhere to park, and we weren't towing anything!


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