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    I used this forum when I recently traveled from Seattle to Pensacola with great advice and help!

    I'm hoping to have the same luck when I travel from Pensacola Fl to Skowhegan Me around march 13 for work with my 5th wheel? Any advice on route, classic must sees, possible things to expect with NE road conditions?

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    A couple of things you should try to do - avoid the I-95 corridor between DC and Boston, and minimize tolls without wasting too much time and distance. This is going to be the most efficient route:

    US-29 to AL-113 to I-65
    I-65 to I-459 around Birmingham to I-59
    I-59 to I-24 through Chattanooga to I-75 to I-40 through Knoxville
    I-40 to I-81 to Scranton PA
    I-84 (toll bridge at Newburgh NY) to I-691 to I-91 to Hartford
    US-5/CT-15 Charter Oak Bridge to I-84
    I-84 to I-90 (Mass Pike, toll) to I-290 (if it's near rush hour stay on I-90 to I-495)
    I-290 through Worcester to I-495 to I-95
    I-95 (toll in NH and ME) to Portland ME
    I-295 through Portland to I-95 to US-201 into Skowhegan (if near rush hour stay on I-95 around Portland)

    Road conditions are hard to predict, March is a very variable month. I would possibly expect some rough pavement.

    You are looking at 1650 miles which can possibly be done in 3 long days, but I'd add a day or two so it isn't such a grind.

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    Awesome thank you!

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    When towing in metropolitan areas, there is another factor besides tolls that can be the determining factor in choosing a route, and that is highway changes/merging. So I'd make one suggestion for a more stress-free route through Hartford. Rather than leaving I-84 to get on I-691, leaving that to get on I-91, then leaving that to get on US-5, leaving that to get on CT-2 and finally leaving that only to rejoin your original route, I-84, just stay on I-84 through Hartford and continue on it all the way to the Mass Pike. I-84 is at least three lanes in each direction all the way through Hartford, so you can just settle down in the middle lane and leave the right lane to merging/exiting traffic, and the left lane for traffic to pass you. It will be far easier on your nerves.

    As for things to see in New England, we collected these discussions a while ago, but they're still some of the best resources around.


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