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    Hello All,

    For my husband's 40th bday he picked a trip to Oregon. We would like to take in the coast a little, and also see redwoods at some point. What are some other "must do's"? We have 9 days to make our way from Portland to Sacramento so we can move around a bit. It doesn't need to be straight down. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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    Default A few suggestions.

    Hello and welcome to RTA!

    Is this a one way trip or a round trip ? The only 'must do's' that matter are yours based on your interests so I would certainly do some research and see what appeals. The coast and Redwoods are fantastic and worth spending time to enjoy but there are also great inland attractions to, the Historic Columbia river Gorge, Crater Lake, Burney Falls, Lassen Volcanic NP, Lake Tahoe and if you ventured further south, the majestic Yosemite NP. Once you have your must do list we can certainly help fill in the blanks and help to 'fine tune' detail.

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    Default Add to that list.....

    The Avenue of Giants in the Redwood Humboltd State Park. Fantastic!!


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