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    Default ThumbRides: New PP2P Ride Sharing Platform

    I've had a couple of offline conversations with, Richard Bodner, the founder of over the last couple of months. is a rideshare program pairing travelers with open seats in the vehicles of road trippers.

    Here is a graphic about how the program is intended to work:

    I would be interested to read a field report from anyone.

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    Default Reliant on honesty from a total stranger.

    The whole setup depends completely on the honesty of those involved.

    The one time I offered a ride to a person in need, via RTA, the passenger objected to my not being prepared to drive 1200 miles straight through. When that was sorted out, there was a money issue for the accommodation (I'd have paid it!) - but most important, the last email started with the words......

    Now, I want to be perfectly honest with you, lest there are any surprises.......

    At that point I figured the person had not been honest with me up to that moment, and I terminated the conversation. No idea what happened, or whether anyone else fell for the con. But I have watched too many cop shows and border shows to know that everything in my car is my responsibility.... and who knows what this passenger may have brought into my car.

    A police background check facility (international) has to be available.


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    Hi Lifemagician,

    We agree. Relying on strangers isn't always easy and has its risks. With that said, our platform is aimed at trying to remove as much of this uncertainty as possible while providing a means for everyone to experience the incredible travel destinations that the U.S. has to offer. That is why we've implemented security measures such as mobile and email verification as well as peer reviews. We are also raising the funds necessary to integrate even more sophisticated measures like social media verification, VIN vehicle matching/registration and finally thorough background checks.

    At ThumbRides we believe that providing as much information as possible about your driver or passenger is the best way to give you the power to make better decisions for your trip and we hope that this will open some doors for people to experience adventure like never before.

    Richard - ThumbRides
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