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  1. Default Moving from los Angeles California to Raleigh/ Cary North Carolina

    Hello everyone,
    First I'd like to mentioned am new to this form and the reason i sign up is i'm tired from the coast of living here is LA specially housing.
    First let me give a small hint about my family, we're 4 (me 38yr, my wife 33yr, 7yr boy, 3yr boy), we moved and stabled in USA by 2011 we did not move out los Angeles from then.
    I have a stable job here in LA, the weather is way nicer than most of the states, we lives in a nice 2br apartment which is small and choking for me.

    Now here we go, from day one i noticed and realized than it's hard to find the house or place to lives and spend our days with kids safely with good schools without a huge cost specially in Southern California Wich is out of my budget.
    Start looking for townhomes in a decent areas but what's different, still will feel tight and small.
    I'd like to do hand stuff, fix, repair, like to have tools and equipments (unfortunately have no space here)
    Some advise me to try Texas, Florida, New Jersey, Mississippi, Arizona, .
    I had offers in Florida, and couple months ago in a small city in North Carolina (150 miles from Raleigh airport) by almost same salary i make here. I hesitate and almost reject this offer.
    I had alot of time reading about cities data, schools, checking Zillow for houses.
    Spacious houses, good school rates, calm cities. Am a calm person and like it calm, outgoings, parks, camping, beaches, on the opposite my wife doesn't (malls, cafes, parties, hotels, ...)
    We had a very rough conversation at the time i had the NC offer cause she do not like to leave LA with cool weather and convenient life style and friends (which doesn't make any bonus to me) lead me to not accept the offer at that time.

    But, did i make a mistake??

    Now i still receiving offers in North Carolina likely (is it a sign 😁?)
    So, what's your advice? Specially ppl who went through this b4.

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    Hi, and welcome to the Great American Roadtrip forum.

    This is not really a roadtrip question. It sounds to me that you need some help adjusting both with life in the US, and with your relationship. Try to find a good counsellor who can talk both you and your wife through the pros and cons of any decision you could make.

    Hope 2018 will be good to you and fulfill your wishes.


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    The Raleigh area in NC is a very decent place to live.

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    Believe me, as a fellow Southern California resident, we completely understand that the cost of housing in this state is ridiculously high. (And it's only going to go higher as the minimum wage climbs.) Getting out of this state is a wise decision ... but where you move, is going to be what you're comfortable with.

    Florida and New Jersey are also high -- NJ has particularly high property taxes on homes. My brother was grateful to leave that behind. Florida has its issues. What I'd advise is similar to what Lifey said, but you might make a nice big chart -- list the states, with PRO and CON. Then too, of course, you are going to have to consider the availability of employment in your field.

    I will make this point: you can find places that are very decent to live, lower cost housing, affordable gasoline (CA is the highest cost in the continental US for gas and diesel), that may not have the earthquakes and wildfires of California. Some areas will have tornadoes (midwest) or hurricanes (east coast). So really, there's no such thing as utopia. And for the record, as soon as I retire, we'll be "outta here!" and saying "sayonara" to California.


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    Does your wife mind living in a tiny apartment, or would she like a big home?

    Curious as to what you are paying for rent now. Turn that into a mortgage payment and see how much you could borrow. Of course, you should be able to come up with 10 - 20 % downpayment. Show her what you could afford in Florida or wherever.

    Be careful though. The exact same home can go for twice as much, depending on the neighborhood you choose. One major factor is the school system.

    Good luck, but I suspect there is more to this story than we have been told.

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