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    My friend and I must drive one way from Los Angeles to Boise in mid-January. I’d appreciate advice about the safest route to travel, how to research potential weather hazards, and advice about how to break up the trip. We suspect 3 days would be a good plan. We are not experienced in driving in snow and ice, so wonder if the best route would be through Salt Lake City, to keep us on the Interstates as much as possible. Others have mentioned “map apps” that are useful for learning about weather hazards, etc.—would appreciate any recommendations for which ones are useful for winter travel planning. All advice welcome. Thank you.

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    Default Wait and see.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Interstates are the main priority to keep clear and traffic on the move so that's a god option if your main goal is just to get from A to B. The only way to get accurate weather information and road conditions is to wait until a couple of days before travelling and then keep an eye on the forecasts. You could do this trip quite comfortably in 2 days with good conditions, so if you are allowing 3 that will put you in good shape and leave some wiggle room for any delays. However, if the weather was kind you could opt to head north on US 395 or 93 just north of Vegas depending on if anything appeals to you along the way.

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    In the winter, I would stick to all Interstates - I-15 to I-84. This is about 180 miles longer than the shortest route but avoids some very desolate areas. has links to each state's road conditions site.

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    The 15 is actually a lovely drive, in most areas, once you get past Las Vegas. There's the Virgin River Gorge area, then St George, both beautiful. You begin to climb into higher elevation right out of St George, and off to the east (your right) is a mountain range. It's pretty in the summer, so I'll bet it's really gorgeous when there's snow on it. My opinion, anyway!

    The 84 will take you through some lava fields. If you have 5 minutes, get off the highway at Twin Falls, cross the river and take a right into the parking lot. You'll have some really beautiful views of the Snake River Gorge. If you have even more minutes than that, the Shoshone falls are about 10 minutes through town. Warning, that you do have to pay to park in the lot for the falls.


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    Default Road to Vegas!

    Quote Originally Posted by DonnaR57 View Post
    The 15 is actually a lovely drive, in most areas, once you get past Las Vegas.
    Personally, I really like I-15 from San Diego County to Las Vegas. And the section through Cajon and through the Mojave Desert is still one of my all time favorite drives in the west.


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