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  1. Default Missoula MT to southern Cali, then off to Texas

    Hi fellow ROADY'S. Im Ray. New to this site. Looking for the most suitable yet flattest routes from Missoula MT to southern Cali, then off to Texas coastline. Time is not an issue. More to see and explore. Thanks

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    Default It's on your map.

    Hi, and welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    You have posted this in the Road Trip Field Reports, which is not really for asking questions. If you can tell us more about this trip and when it is to take place, members will be able to give relevant advice.

    You could head to the midwest and south to Texas via Kansas. Each time I look at my map of the US, I note that the middle is flat. You are not likely to see this on a computer mapping program, but if you get yourself a good detailed map of the country, you can see where the mountains are, and choose a route to suit you.


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    Thank you lifey. Not sure which site is for Q&A. Won't be traveling till spring, so more time for prep and planning

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    I'm not really sure what would make a route "suitable" for you, since you haven't told us anything about you or the purpose of this trip. The flattest way would be I-15 South to California, and I-10 on to Texas.

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    Please tell us more. Are you planning to sight see ? What are your interests ? Why the flattest route ?(Home move with heavy goods or fear of heights etc.) Some of the most wonderful locations are found at elevation. Time is not an issue to you but what a you thinking, a month, 3 months, more or less ? Each trip is a unique experience so our advice is based on what you tell us and that in turn is what makes the RTA forums unique. We help you design your trip based in your info and do not just give out generic 'every trip is the same' type answers.

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