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    Has anyone driven the Roiute 66 across the US. I an thinging about doing it this spring.
    I will be starting in Missouri and going west. Maybe I'll go north alittle and visit the Grand Canyons.
    Any body ever done this trip? I'm open for ideas or suggestions.

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    Default A link to all things '66.

    A lot of the original highway has been replaced by Interstate, but there are sections that include old route 66 towns. You don't say how much time you have or what your interests are but here is a link to Route 66 guides that may help. Personally I would be looking more at what places appeal to me and looking for scenic routes rather than just following a route number, but it's your trip and you should follow your goals.

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    Lots of books and travel guides focused on Route 66. And some on-line sites as well. See what your local library can do for you.

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