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    Hi Everyone,

    Can I get some help planning a roadtrip from Los Angeles to Seattle? I知 planning for a 12-day trip for my family of five. I have three kids ranging from four to ten years old. I would like to leave this coming Sunday if all goes well.
    I知 thinking about staying 2 to 3 nights in Seattle and maybe 2 nights in Portland on the way back to LA.

    I知 open to suggestions on how much driving to do each day, cities to stay overnight and places to visit along the way.


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    Default Some thoughts and a link to a similar trip.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A full day on the road with no sightseeing with rest breaks and other stops (fuel, food) you would be looking at 550 miles on Interstate, or 9-10 hours on the road. You can halve that if you drive down the coastal highway. You haven't told us anything of your interests so if you used Interstate there and back you would have 4 full days of driving, add 5 nights in 2 city's and that's 9to 10 days of your 12 gone. I can't imagine you'd purely want to stick to Interstate though and if you plan to do stretches of the coast, do that heading south and put the ocean and most scenic pull outs on your side of the road. Some of the mountainous inland attractions will have limited access this time of year so you should check local/National park websites before heading to such places. For ideas of attractions you could find along the way checkout this thread because even though it's in an RV it's pretty relevant to your journey. Once you have done some research and got more of a basic idea set out I am sure we can help you put the bits of the puzzle together and make suggestions.

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    Thanks for your reply Dave!

    On the way up, I want to get to Seattle as soon as possible so I値l stick with the interstate route. On the way back, I think taking some coastal routes would be nice so perhaps I should spend an extra night heading back. Maybe around Big Sur area. Good tip on checking local/national park websites. I値l check out that other thread now.


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    According to some of the latest news, only 3 miles of Highway 1 (aka Pacific Coast Highway/PCH) are still closed, and is expected to remain closed until the middle of 2018. From the north, you can drive as far south as Gorda. From the south, you can go about 7-1/2 miles past Ragged Point. Check out this website for the latest, as it has been kept up-to-date with openings/closures after the mudslides of this past year.


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    Just remember that driving long distances with young children can become challenging and it's important they get enough time to get out and run off some steam and to keep the whole adventure entertaining. I would consider stopping in Portland on the way up to break the journey. Perhaps spend a night around Red Bluff CA and then Portland for 2 nights which leaves a short run to Seattle. If you stayed there 3 nights it would then give you a nice relaxed coastal drive home. There's plenty of scenic coastline and seaside towns plus I would recommend some time among the Redwoods. As it's holiday weekend it would be wise to check what lodging availability is like.

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