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  1. Default Route 66, should I go or not?

    I am new to this forum and actually, this is my first time posting on a forum.
    I need advises about should I travel along the Route 66 alone in 14 days.
    First of all, I will introduce a little bit about myself and the concerns.
    I am a foreigner from Hong Kong and currently study in Sacramento State.
    I can understand well in English but do not speak fluently.
    I do not have any family in the US and my friends went back to China.
    Moreover, I look young(like 16years old or less), but I actually am 25 years old.
    I am a female but I look like a male because of my sexual orientation.
    So, my concern is it safe to drive alone to the west and east coast.
    Base on my gender, sexual orientation, race, and safety.
    I have two designed routes.
    The first one goes along the route 66 and drive back from Chicago and pass New Orleans, San Antonio, Phoenix to Los Angles?
    The second one drive from Los Angles to the midpoint of Route 66 and go on to Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Los Angles.
    I planned this route because I am not familiar with driving in snow.
    I really want to travel across the US before I graduate and go back to my home country, and this is my last chance to have a long break between school start.
    May I have some advise based on my situation? Thank you all a lot, and thanks for reading my long post.
    I am sorry if there are grammar issues.
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    Default I would go, but where ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You don't say exactly when you plan to travel but during winter months you have to expect the possibility that you will see snow and ice whatever route you choose. It's not to say it's certain that you will see it, more a case of no where is immune from it. The other point is that route 66 has been replaced by Interstate along most of it's length but you can still find '66 towns along the way. So the route you should choose is the one that will take you to the places that interest you the most, not a route number or trying to avoid weather that you won't know about until you get accurate forecasts a day or 2 before you leave. You also haven't told us anything of your actual interests either, nature, nightlife, history etc so it's not possible to make meaningful suggestions.

    Other than the fact you look like a 16 year old and you may need to prove your age by means of identification, I really don't think you will have a problem at all. We have all probably strayed into the wrong side of town on occasion and felt a little insecure and if this happens listen to your alarm bells and move on. If something doesn't feel quite right it usually isn't.

    As for your planning, I would do some research using RTA resources and study a good paper map, making notes of interesting places and then seeing how you can link them, you don't need to stick to one route. Travelling during winter means you don't really need to book in advance (unless it was Christmas or New years eve for example) so you could just see how things work out as you go and if weather becomes an issue you can sit it out a storm somewhere safe and warm until the roads and weather has cleared. Another thing, do not get fooled by mapping programs that tell you it's a 50 hour drive, long distances need to be counted in days not hours and you have to allow for delays for congestion and construction, fuel, food and rest stops. For the purpose of planning you should think of 500-550 miles as 9-10 hours on the road with those basic stops and that's as much ground as you should try and cover in a single day.

    As you get your stops worked out and work on your plans, feel free to ask any questions.

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    Do you own a car or will you be renting one? Do you have a US driver's license, or a foreign license in English, or an International driving permit?

  4. Default

    Thank you for replying my post. I actually want to go between from Dec. 22 to Jan. 1, but still don't have the complete plan for it.
    I have a board interest. I like places that has a story behind it or natual enviornment that will refresh my mind.
    Furthermore, that is a good point about 500-550 miles as 9-10 hours on the road. I never think about it.
    I had planned for 5 days but I am not sure will it work.
    Based on safety problem, I am thinking about start everyday trip from 7:00am to 8:00pm.
    Other than that, I have a question about emergengy.
    If I am stuck in a place that without any signal, what should I do?
    Also, what if someone knock on my door or try to open my door in the midnight, what should I do?
    Moreover, in what circumstance should I put on the snow chin?

    I am attaching my plan for the first 5 days, and I am kind of having a hard time to plan the drive from San Antonio to Los Angles.
    There are some interesting hiking trails around Tucson, but mostly do not allowed dog.
    btw, I am traveling with a small dog.

    Thanks again
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  5. Default

    Thanks for replying.
    I have a California driver's license, and I own a car but it is not that reliable so I am going to rent one

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    It's difficult to study the maps as thumbnails, but what you have to take into consideration when planning your travel days is actually having time to see the places you are visiting rather than driving from one place to another. A fine example is right there on your first 2 days where you will be arriving to Grand canyon with little to no light left, and then plan leaving the next day before sunrise to cover 400 miles and many other attractions. Where is the time to really enjoy this natural wonder of the world ? I just think you need to shorten some days so that you actually have time to enjoy "Standing on the corner" and not just jump out take a photo and carry on. You have the time. As for heading back to LA, there are lots of options including White sands, Tombstone, Coronado National forest, Sonoran desert NM and Joshua Tree NP.

    Personally I would recommend you get off the road by 6pm each day as it will dark by then and you won't see much driving in the dark. It also means you can relax for the evening and may not feel so vulnerable and not forgetting evening rush in any City's.
    With a rental car it is unlikely you will have mechanical issues, just make sure you don't run the fuel too low. Most places have pretty good cell coverage. In the event you broke down and did not have a signal and in a remote area, you should pull off the road as safely as possible and put your hazard warning lights on and stay with the vehicle. It won't be long before someone stops to assist where you can once again use your instinct. If you are unsure stay in your locked car and just ask they call assistance for you but with common sense you should be fine.
    The same goes for your room, you can insist that you check the room first for condition and security. Make sure you can lock the door properly from the inside and if it has a chain use it. No one should knock on your door in the middle of the night, if they do and you have no chain to ask for identity safely then you call down to reception and ask for details, for example if someone is saying it's room service that you didn't order.

    It's possible the rental car company won't allow snow chains, but if you are not used to using them and driving in the snow, then you shouldn't be using them anyway. In the event of snow/ice simply find somewhere to pull off the road safe and warm and let the storm pass.

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    Default Be sure to check the hotel room first.

    Quote Originally Posted by wing21092 View Post
    Also, what if someone knock on my door or try to open my door in the midnight, what should I do?
    Every hotel room I have ever been in has a lock which cannot be opened from the outside, and which limits how far you can open the door. Be sure you check the room before you commit, and check that the lock is there... the chain or bolt lock. Also check that the smoke detector is working.

    Moreover, in what circumstance should I put on the snow chin?
    If the roads are bad enough to need chains, then check into the first hotel you see, and wait till the roads are cleared. You should not be driving when conditions are that bad, especially if you are not experienced in winter driving.

    ..... btw, I am traveling with a small dog.
    If you are travelling with a small pooch, it will be your alarm if anyone annoys you. (As a senior female having travelled over many years, I have never had a knock on the door.)

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    Another thing to consider so you don't put yourself under too much pressure is that the roads could be a lot busier than normal over the holiday weekend and that could also lead to delays, so allow plenty of time. If you haven't done so already it might be wise to check out room availability in the areas you plan on staying.

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    Default actual time?

    Quote Originally Posted by wing21092 View Post
    I actually want to go between from Dec. 22 to Jan. 1, but still don't have the complete plan for it.
    I'm confused about how much time you actually have available. In your original post, you mentioned 14 days, but the 22nd to the 1st would only be 10 days. (With just 10 days, then Chicago really isn't something I would consider)

    As others have mentioned, I would be careful not to overextend yourself, especially this time of year when there are limited hours of daylight available. Traveling 500 miles in one day is not a big deal at all, but if you're planning to travel 400-500 miles a day every day, you look like you're quite close to running into a situation where all you are doing is driving nearly from sun up to sun down every day, without leaving much time at all to see or do anything at the places you are looking to visit.

  10. Default

    Thank you all for advising me and helping me out
    I feel much more confident to go on the road.
    I will rearrange my route and sure to drive less and enjoy the environment more.
    Also, I will remember about safety issues as well.

    When I am rearranging the route, is there any suggestion for the drive between Amarillo, which is the mid-point of route 66, and San Antonio?

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