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    Hi, I see you have done a trip that is on our "bucket list". We are in Central Texas and want to take the motorhome up to Vermont/Maine and other places in and along the way - we hear horror stories about the roads - so trying to research the best routes for driving a motorhome and where to stay. Since you've been that way (at least from Dallas) -- what would you do differently if you did it again ? Different roads ? And any recommendations on places to stay ?

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It is unfortunately true that many of the people who come here for advice do not return on a regular basis afterwards, so addressing your request to a specific former poster is unlikely to produce results. And while we do have regular contributors who travel by RV and regular contributors who are quite familiar with New England, I'm not aware of anyone who has specifically motorhomed through the far northeastern US.

    To get you started, I'd first note that there are at least a handful of all-Interstate routes that could get you from central Texas to northern New England, so you can easily see quite a bit of the country by taking two different routes, one there and a different one back home. It's also worth noting that Interstates and the major US highways should present no particular problems anywhere on your travels. Where you might run into some difficulties is on smaller state and county roads in mountainous areas. And actually the problems will be more pronounced for others trying to share the road with you, particularly those behind you, rather than for you. Indeed, Vermont has a law on the books, I believe, that if more than three vehicles are following you on a two lane road, you are obligated to pull over at the first opportunity and allow them to pass.

    For more specific help, we'd need to know where you're starting from, what time of year you plan to travel, what your destinations are, what sort of things you'd like to see and do along the way, how big (and particularly how wide) your motorhome is, how much time you have for the trip, etc. As of know we simply don't know enough to be of much more than to offer you the most general of advice.

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