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    I will be moving to Spokane pretty soon probably late December/January, from Las Vegas. The directions I see mapped are the US 93 to I 84 to I 90. Does this seem to be the best route? I'm afraid of heights, and I see two bridges on that route in Umatilla and Kennewick, how bad are they? Anything else I should be worrying about? A friend mentioned sometimes they have black ice in the winter, but I don't the area well enough to know what month or time of year that happens. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    I take it your plans to move to North Carolina fell through?

    Other than "winter" there is not a specific month where black ice happens. When you're traveling in winter, you have the chance of seeing winter conditions.

    I think for you, based on the things you've told us, you'd be better off taking I-15 all the way to I-90 in Montana. It's a touch longer than US-93, but since it's all freeway the total travel time shouldn't be much different. That should be an easier trip for you, and you'll have far more resources available in case you do see some winter weather or have another issue.

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    What type of vehicle you will be moving with and what specific concerns? Black Ice situation likely to be in morning/late evening and in extreme conditions. If you slow down to 60MPH then that should be safer assuming your vehicle is checked out for winter driving. Either-way you will be dealing with mountain passes and some bridges.

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    Default I82 Yakima Pass

    If you are not used to driving downhill, Yakima pass on I_82 may be bit intimidating.

    Umatilla and Kennewick routes on I82 are okay and may be bit challenging in high wind situations but you can always slow down to make a safer travel.

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    I concur with Michael. Stick with I-15 to I-90. US-93 is almost all 2 lane road, and goes through very sparse civilization.

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    Default Having the time available is important.

    You really need to check conditions prior to setting out but as Michael pointed out, it might just suit you best to take Interstate as they are built with gradual gradients and curves to handle all vehicles and are a priority to keep open in poor weather. This is a minimum of a 2 day trip and Pocatello ID would be a good overnight stop, if you take I-15 and get an early start that is. You should have some extra time in hand in case of poor conditions where it might be wiser just to pull off the road and let a storm pass and crews clear the road. If you are towing or using a U-Haul and/or want to make it easier on yourself and have time to adjust if said weather plays up, then 3 days would be a better bet.

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    Here's a third vote for the 15/90 route. I've traveled most every bit of I-15 and it's good highway, with plenty of rest areas, truck stops/travel centers, and lots of places for overnight in every budget.


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