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  1. Default Best route pulling a trailer and RV in snow conditions from Denver to Idaho Falls ID

    I travel often, but I'm new on this site. Thank you in advance for your help! I look forward to helping others in the future.

    Today is November 18, just snowed in the north and the north west, more snow coming and high winds at Laramie Pass. I'm driving two vehicles, 2-wheel drive (no chains) pulling a 4000 pound trailer with a car and another load is a 6500 pound tall travel trailer. Looking for flattest route with best weather conditions.

    What route would you recommend: (1) the I-80 to I-15 N (2) I-80 to Salt Lake north on I-15 (3) I-25 to WY 22 to ID-31 to US26

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    Welcome to RTA!

    In the snow, there isn't really a good way to do this, but I would stick to an all-Interstate route. I would definitely NOT take WY-22/ID-31.

    Go to for links to real time road conditions in each state.

    Right now, I'm showing that I-80 across much of Wyoming is closed. I'd postpone this trip.

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    I'd agree with GLC, I think I-80 to I-84 to I-15 is really your only practical option in your situation, and you really need to simply delay your trip until the storms pass and conditions improve.

    What kind of 2 wheel drive car are you using to tow a 4,000 trailer? That's a lot more weight that most cars can handle, and that's before considering the mountains.

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    My husband always does the driving and one thing he always says in to stay on the interstae when traveling with a camper or trailer. Roads are cleared faster and if you need help there is always more traffic that can stop to help you if there is a problem. Best of luck.

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