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    Hello- we are planning to fly in to Lasvegas on christmas day and plan to drive to san diego on december 26 , wondering will it be ok to drive from vegas to San diego ? I hope its weather friendly , please provide your advice so that we can plan accordingly .

    Thank you in advance

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    I'm not sure what you are hoping for in terms of advice here. No one can see the future and tell you what the weather will be on a specific day a month from now. As most of the trip you're talking about is through the desert, it's pretty unlikely you'd see any weather problems, although that's not at all a guarantee (Even Vegas generally sees a snowfall every few years). If anything, I'd guess post holiday traffic would be the most likely problem you'd see - but again, anything that anyone tells you right now would just be a random guess.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    The weather should not be at issue, but the traffic very well could be. At just 330 miles, you'd think it would take about 5 hours to make the trip. But I'd allow 7 hours, for traffic reasons. Las Vegas to San Diego is a very popular traffic corridor, especially between Las Vegas and about the intersection of CA-91 in Riverside County.

    You do have 2 "mountain passes" to be aware of, but they are easy grades with a truck lane for the slower traffic. One is "Mountain Pass" around Halloran Summit, about 4750 ft elevation (up from the desert floor), and the other is Cajon Pass, just as you are going to drop into the San Bernardino/Riverside metropolis. Watch your signs as you come out of the pass, as there are several intersections, with I-215 (don't bother) and I-10 exiting. Stay on I-15 all the way down.

    The other thing to know is that fuel is expensive between the metro areas of Las Vegas and Barstow, and the choices for food are better in either Baker, Barstow, or wait until you get down past Cajon Pass for all sorts of choices!

    Donna (San Diego County resident)

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