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  1. Default Road trip from Vancouver, BC to Las Vegas, NV

    Hi All,
    We are planning a road trip from Vancouver, BC to Las Vegas, NV in September, 2018. There will be 4 adults doing this trip.
    What will be the most scenic and reasonable route (time wise) to take.

    We want to do at least 6-8 hours driving per day and wants to stop at small towns for coffee or take pictures.

    Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.


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    Welcome to RTA!

    How many days do you have available for this trip? Would you prefer a coastal route or an inland route?

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    Welcome aboard! I also ask if this is a round trip, because if so, you could do both a coastal and inland route rather than a zig-zag. Finally, I wonder if you are planning to try to take a Canadian rental car and drop it off in Las Vegas. That is something you'd have to look into, as it usually isn't permitted. You also have to secure permission from the Canadian rental agency to bring it into the US and then bring it back, to avoid import fees, if you are going to do a loop.


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    We are from Vancouver, BC so we are driving our own vehicle.

    We are driving to Las Vegas to meet up with 2 family members who are flying to LV. From there we drive to Mt. Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon, then back to Las Vegas to drop them off and continue on to Vancouver.

    We are thinking that the drive from Vancouver to LV, we will have to make 2 overnight stops along the way and plan to be in LV mid-afternoon on our 3rd driving day.

    I was looking for past threads re Vancouver to LV but they are from several years ago, so I posted this to get updated information.

    Again, thanks for both your response and look forward to hearing more.


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    Default That's the Joy of a RoadTrip

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    More often than not there is more than one, and often a plethora, of scenic, relaxed, and close to the nap of the land routes between two end points. In your case, I'd be looking to make extensive use of the 'US' highway system. These roads offer the best balance between actually experiencing small towns and maintaining a pace that will get you to Vegas (and back) in a reasonable amount of time.

    You will need to get a good set of maps or an atlas and turn off your GPS/SatNav, otherwise you'll just get directed to the nearest Interstate. To give you just one idea of what's possible, look at taking BC-99/I-5 down to just north of Seattle (just to get started) and then take US-2 inland to US-97 south (you can use WA-821 where US-97 shares roadbed with I-82 north of Yakima) to WA-22 along the Yakima River to Kennewick and US-395 south to US-95 south to Winnemucca NV. There you'll have to use a bit of I-80 eastbound to Battle Mountain but can strike out from there on state roads: NV-305 and NV-376 south through the 'desolate beauty' of the Nevada desert Basin and Range country, rejoining US-95 at Tonapah for the final run into Las Vegas.

    You can find similar routes a bit farther east running up through eastern Nevada, Idaho and back through the Palouse area of western Washington, but finding the routes is half the adventure, and I wouldn't want to deprive you of it. I probably wouldn't spend any time seeing the Washington coast, since that's close enough to see from Vancouver; it would necessitate driving I-5 through SeaTac before you got to anything interesting; and would add a fair amount of mileage to your trip.

    At the rate of travel you're planning, I'd leave five, possibly six, days for a one-way transit between Vancouver and Vegas.


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    Thanks for your response AZBuck...

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    If you only want to drive 6 to 8 hours a day and want to do this in 2.5 days, you will pretty much have to take the fastest route. This would be I-5 to I-90 to I-82 to I-84 to US-93. Look at overnights at Baker City OR and Ely NV.

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