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  1. Default New to forum - looking to drive from Boston to Zion

    Hi folks,

    I am completely new to the site and want to say thanks in advance for reading my first post.

    It is a basic question and hopefully not a dumb one!. My wife and I are going to be retired hopefully in 6/18 and want to plan a road trip out to Zion and back leaving from Western Mass. My question is how many days would you plan for, if you were taking a leisurely drive out and back? Is 30 days excessive ? We are really interested in camping biking and hiking. We would be happy driving a whole day and then taking two off to recreate.

    Thanks for any advice. Our last big trip driving was 1200 miles in two weeks in the southern part of Ireland. That was an adventure!

    Bob C

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    Default Never to much time.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    How long to take on a trip is subject to so many different things, how much you want to see, how long you want to stay in one place, how many miles a day are you prepared to travel and so on. That's the beauty of creating your own, you can tailor make it to suit you. I find it hard to imagine a trip that's to excessive in time, I never have enough ! 30 days would make for a really nice trip in my opinion, with 10 to 12 days of those spent riding, whichever way you break it up. Plus there is so many other great things to see and do in the area and on the way out and back. You could make a great loop trip taking in many other great rides and National/State parks.

    I would do a little research and get a decent map and start planning things out and creating a timeline. As you get further down the road with your plans we can help with any questions you may have and offer tweaks and alternative places. Certainly look to create a loop that will take you to new places there and back.

    Enjoy the planning, it's a fun part of the adventure !

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    Default Another Adventure

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you're comfortable with the idea of being away from home for a month, then by all means - go for it! 30 days is plenty of time to take a leisurely tour of the country, even using camping, which tends to slow you down a bit, as your main lodging. What I'd suggest is that you get out a good set of paper maps and start by finding those places between Springfield/Northampton(?) and Zion that appeal to you, with a specific eye to finding places that can be connected by two separate routes between the two, especially places where there is a concentration of attractions that can be visited as day trips from a single location.

    Once you have a basic route and itinerary in hand, you should start making reservations as soon as possible as many campgrounds, especially those in national parks, book quickly for their relatively short seasons. You'll also want to find 'real' accommodations every so often to get a few nights' sleep in a real bed and to do laundry etc. While you're at it, look into getting an annual national parks pass. Normally, I would recommend that you wait until you get to the first such park to buy this because the year for which it's good starts as soon as you buy it. But the NPS has proposed raising the cost of such passes significantly, so as long as the end of your trip is more than a year out, it makes sense to buy it now. If either of you is old enough, get the 'golden age' pass instead - that's good for the rest of your life.


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    Thanks Everyone

    Guess its time to buy some maps!

    Will post updates as I plan

    Bob C

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    Default I think he meant......

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    But the NPS has proposed raising the cost of such passes significantly, so as long as the end of your trip is more than a year out.....AZBuck
    I think Buck means as long as the end of your trip is NOT more than a year out.

    If you are a member of AAA, you can get good maps from them as part of your membership. It is also worthwhile to pick up the (mostly) free State maps at the welcome or visitor centres as you enter each State. Often these have some unitque local attractions marked on them which other maps do not have.


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    Zion NP is a real treat. So is nearby Bryce. Although both are similar in many respects it should be noted that Zion is at a much lower elevation than Bryce -- average temperatures are better in Bryce during the summer and Zion in the Fall or Spring before it becomes stifling hot, more of a concern for campers than hotel dwellers. Also recommend the North Rim of the Grand Canyon while you are in the vicinity.

    Tons of beautiful national parks in that region (AZ/UT/CO/WY) and in nearby areas. It is a good idea to visit the web sites for each national park for information on closures, seasons and historical temperature ranges. Elevation is as significant as latitude in temperature/trip planning.

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    Lucky you with so much time to visit beautiful Utah!

    In Zion, do the Narrows Walk! You walk IN the Virgin River into a gorgeous canyon with its 2000 foot walls towering above you. Many families do this hike. After walking the first 100 feet you might be tempted to do the entire 14 miles. This hike is Heaven on Earth.

    You have enough time to truely explore the wonders of Utah's National Parks. Geocaching will lead you to hidden wonders. You can pick up a used GPS or even use your cell phone. Check out this website. The Official Visit Utah Geotour.

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