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  1. Default North texas to eastern Washington

    Looking to drive in Dec from north tx to eastern wa..1. Fastest route 2. Avoiding as many passes as possible...have a all wheel drive but....

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Since no one can say what the weather will be a month from now, generally speaking the best advice for winter travel is to take the most direct, interstate, route, which means the least time on the road and the most extra time if you need to stop and wait for conditions to improve.

    It's also worth noting that 4/All wheel drive really only helps to a very limited degree when talking about interstate travel - those 4 wheels moving do nothing to help you stop any faster!

    However, "North Texas" and "Eastern Washington" are just too big of targets to give any meaningful route advice. You'll need to be more specific as to your starting and ending points for others to provide any more specific help.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    The fastest routes, and usually the ones with the least issues when going over mountains, are the interstates. They are built to certain specifications for grade, width of roadway, and all sorts of vehicles especially semi's and other heavy loads. You'll be fine on an interstate.

    That said, "north TX" says "panhandle" to me, is that where you're at? You can take US 87/287 over to I-25, then west on I-90. That would work if you're going from Amarillo to Spokane. If another area in TX, or WA, let us know something more specific so that we can give you proper help. BTW, US 87/287 is mostly 4-lane divided, almost interstate quality.

    Always check the weather forecast before you go, carry paper maps in case you have to re-route due to unexpected weather, allow plenty of time for this trip (at least 3 days, it's 1500 miles from Amarillo to Spokane, plus an extra day for a weather hold-up), and don't be afraid to hole up in a nice warm motel somewhere if the weather gets bad.


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    North TX is DFW metro and surrounding area.

    Anyway, the easiest route with fewer passes but not fastest this time around (weather exception):

    US287 to I40
    I40 to US93
    US93 to I84
    I84 to US95

    Fastest is relative term as weather can slow down on any route.

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