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    We are going to Hawaii, the island of Oahu, we have been there 2 times already, but we have family there. We have done all the tourist things. Just wanting some suggestions for something new and different to do. Thanks

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    While I've been to Hawai'i several times, I haven't spent much time on Oahu other than to change planes. So I've still got my 'bucket list' for that island. If you've "done all the tourist things", then I presume you've been to Waikiki, Diamond Head, Pearl Harbor and the other sites in and around Honolulu. But where most tourists don't go is the North Shore. The towns of Laie or Kahku could serve as a base of operations to visit the Polynesian Cultural Center, the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge, Malaekahana and Hau'ula Beaches, and Hau'ula and Kaipapau Forest Preserves. If you're inerested in WWII history, you could get there by driving north through the center of the island past Wheeler Field and Schofield Barracks near the town of Wahiawa, and maybe look into whether there is a memorial of any sort at the temporary North Shore radar station that spotted the incoming Japanese naval air forces on Dec. 7th.


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    In Waikiki, visit Ono Foods, a small native foods restaurant (but not during main meal times). Also nearbye is Leonard's Bakery, great for the malasadas (best eaten fresh and warm). On Sand Island is the La Mariana Sailing Club and tiki bar for escaping the craziness of Waikiki and Honolulu.

    The gateway to the North Shore is Haleiwa. If you turn left, head down towards Kaena Point, past the polo grounds and Dillingham Field (weekends you will see hang gliding and gliders and maybe more). Nice beach park (that is very crowded on weekends). In Haleiwa, the best coffee is at the Coffee Gallery. For breakfast checkout Cafe Haleiwa. In Wailua

    Along the North Shore is famous large wave break, Waimea (only breaks during very large swells). Explore the Valley Park. Overlooking the park on the northside is Pu'u O Mahuka Heiau State Historic Site (looks like a new access road at the Foodland). Many of the food trucks along the North Shore are worth sampling.

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