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    What is the flattest route to Las Vegas from Chicago? Planning a road trip in Jan/Feb but I do not want to drive on a route with winding mountain roads.

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    Default Interstate.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Although you can't cross the country without crossing mountains, to avoid "winding mountain roads" your best plan would be to stay on Interstate, although you don't mention if you want to sight see or just get from A to B as quickly as possible. If it's a direct trip you are looking for you should allow a minimum of 3 days, although 4 would be more comfortable, and have a day or 2 in hand to allow some leeway were you to see poor weather conditions that could cause disruption. The most direct route would be I-88/80/76/70 and I-15 south. Having said that you should check the weather forecast and road conditions before and during travel and stay open to change. In fact you may prefer to stay on I-80 all the way to I-15 to avoid the mountains through Colorado which is prone to bad weather. Having said that it's pretty spectacular if the weather is fine. I would be more concerned about weather than mountains on Interstate and would not rule out heading through St Louis to I-44/40 if the weather looked more settled at the time you travel.

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    Interstates are built to specifications that include the degree of any present curves and the presence of a certain width. These roads were built so that our commercial goods, as well as our military, could get anywhere quickly.

    I often go between San Diego and central Missouri, and have taken the 15/70 route as well as the 44/40 route. Weather is more of an issue on either of these routes, because of the elevation. I-70 gets up to 11,000 ft elevation -- gorgeous scenery, but there's a very good reason why there are so many ski resorts in that area of Colorado, SNOW! I-40 gets to about 7000 ft in the northern NM/AZ area, then drops into the desert. You can get up to Las Vegas on US-93, from the 40.

    Start checking weather forecasts a few days before your trip, decide just before you leave about what route to take. Carry paper maps with you, or a good road atlas, so that if you have to change your plans due to unexpected weather, you can do so.


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    I personally would recommend I-55/I-44/I-40/US-93. It's not as scenic as I-70 but less mountainous.

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