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  1. Default Planning for skyline drive from Gaithersburg,MD

    Hello All,

    Planning for skyline drive road trip from Gaithersburg,MD with my family (one child 3.5 yrs, me and my wife).
    My target would be start on Friday afternoon and come back by Sunday evening. Most of the accommodation inside Shenandoah national park is full this time of the year.So what options I have?

    So if I start Friday afternoon, Should i stay at some places near to Shenandoah national park gate.

    Then next day Saturday morning cover the entire skyline (3hrs for 100 miles) and stay some place near to the gate outside Blue Ridge Parkway North entrance . And Sunday morning come back to Gaithersburg directly from there.If I have time I might cover Shenandoah cavern.Not sure how cold it is going to be now.
    Please advice.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Welcome back!

    There are plenty of hotels at each end of the Skyline Drive - in Front Royal and Waynesboro.

    It should only take you an hour and a half or so to get to Front Royal from Gaithersburg via I-270, I-495, and I-66, unless you get caught in rush hour traffic on the beltway. An alternate route, longer but a lot more scenic, would be to take I-270 the other way to Frederick, then US-340 to Front Royal. This will take you through Harpers Ferry. This also takes you away from DC.

    On the way back, take I-81, this takes you right past the caverns. You can take I-66 back toward DC or take US-340 as I described.

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    If Waynesboro is full up too, try Staunton.


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    And if Front Royal is full, try Winchester.

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