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    Wondering what kind of weather/road conditions we might encounter.
    Four ladies, related ages 60, 40, 32, & 13 planning a road trip to New Orleans from Minneapolis. Our apartment in Nola is booked March 5-10. I will be the only driver so we'll be stopping twice for overnights each way. I've done the drive in the past with 4 people alternating driving responsibility, and it was summer time, but this trip might be a tough one. Our mother has to stop every 2 hours for medical reasons. But my main concern is the weather, I panic in unfamiliar places while driving in snow or rain. We plan on only driving during daylight hours and I'm confident when it comes to the mechanics of my car, and have roadside assistance. But the weather part is freaking me out. Any tips or experiences?

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    There is literally no way that we, or anyone else, can know the weather along your route four months in advance. What I can tell you is that you've already done the single most effective thing you can do in the eventuality of untoward weather. You've left yourselves enough time to simply sit it out. Since you've done the drive before, you probably know that you could do the drive in just a little over two solid days of driving. With your need to stop every couple of hours and the fact that you're going to be doing all the driving, that might stretch out to more like two and a half days, but if push comes to shove and you simply can't continue driving due to the weather, just get off the road, hole up in a nice warm motel, and wait for the road crews to do their work and for the sun to come out. At worst you might be a day late getting to New Orleans. I don't really expect that, I expect you to have an uneventful drive, but knowing the worst that can happen to you and being prepared for it should help ease your mind.


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