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    Default Camping with TT around Glacier National Park

    We are planning a trip from OH to Glacier National Park (hoping for late July 2018 if we can still reserve some sites). We have a travel trailer (35' total) and will be traveling with our 3 kids (10, 12, 14) and 3 dogs. Can you please advise about camping near Glacier and the best hikes/way to see the park in 4-5 days? We would love to also travel from there to Banff. If you have any recommendations for that route we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!!

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    Hi and welcome back to RTA !

    The best way to find specific info on Glacier is to use the National parks website and check out areas of the park and campgrounds that will cater for your size rig. The 2 sides of the park are divided by the Going to the Sun road that you won't be able to drive with your TT so you may want to book a campground either side of the park and use US2 to get around or just drive the GTTSR back and forth. Apart from the road itself, Many Glacier was my favourite area even though the whole park is spectacular. It's likely to take 4 days to get there depending on 'where' in Ohio you start from and how far you are willing to travel each day. If you head to Banff you could visit Waterton Lakes NP on the Canadian side from Many Glacier and then loop back down to the west side of Glacier on 93 via Roosville and Whitefish. If you want to settle in one spot in Glacier the Rising sun campground by St Marys lake is quite a good location for out and back trips around the park, if they cater for your size of unit.

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    Default Where You'll Be Spending Most of Your Time

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You ask about what to see and do with your four days at Glacier and about possible routes to Banff, but let's deal with the elephant in the room first. If you're only going to spend a week or so in the northern Rockies, most of this trip will be spent on the road. Now, I assume you're relatively experienced in towing your travel trailer and know not to try to go through or around Chicago. Indeed, no matter where you're starting from in Ohio, I'd recommend that you head for Indianapolis and then Bloomington IL and use I-74/I-80/I-29/I-90 one way and I-39/I-90/I-94 the other. There will be plenty of chances for short R&R stops along both routes. Plan on a solid four days each way.

    As far as specific hikes and drives in Glacier NP go, roads (especially of the paved variety) are extremely limited. The only through road is Going to the Sun Road (absolutely spectacular). Then there are the dead-end roads into Two Medicine and Swiftcurrent Lakes on the eastern side and into Bowman Lake on the western side. For hikes, the best advice I can give you is to check in with the Rangers when you arrive. They will have the most current info on the status of the trails, which ones meet your (and your children's) needs and abilities, and where any wildlife are congregating. Also be sure to sign your kids up for the Junior Ranger Program.

    Assuming you'll be staying on the eastern side of the Rockies, the route up to Banff should probably follow US-89/MT-17/AB-6(to also visit Waterton Lakes National Park)/AB-3/AB-22/Trans-Canada Highway. You can then use the Trans-Canada and AB-2 to return through Calgary if you so desire.

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    Three times is a charm, I hope, in trying to post this. For some reason, Chrome keeps deleting it when I try to change tabs to get the proper information for you.

    Do you want to "camp" without hookups, or would you prefer to use your RV's capabilities and get a place with electric, water and at least a dump station? At Glacier, none of the national park campgrounds have hookups, but there are some really beautiful campgrounds at Two Medicine and Many Glacier. (I hope the latter has had some road work done. Back in '16, that road was washboard in places!!!) For hookups, though, you'd have to go commercial. There's a KOA right at St Mary on the eastern side, and a little more choice on the western side near West Glacier and Coram, including another KOA.

    Up at Banff, you can go with or without hookups at Tunnel Mountain, though I think it's just electric and water. (I seem to recall using a dump station up there. Later edit: sewer is at all Trailer Court sites.) At Lake Louise RV, it's only electricity, and frankly, that's mostly a parking lot with electric hookups. There's a place to load up on water and to dump your tanks later.

    Waterton Lakes is beautiful, but doesn't take long to see unless you want to do some hiking. There's an RV park right in the town of Waterton (Townsite Campground) -- it's on the meadow right within the lake's breezes, EWS sites, not very fancy, but very convenient.

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