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  1. Default MLB road trip through Cali from June 2-11 (need advice)

    Heading back to Florida for the summer but thought Id stop in Cali to see some MLB stadiums.

    1. Would anyone want to split cost of gas/hotel with me?
    2. ill be seeing dodgers, giants, angels, A's, padres...any off-the-beaten-path things you'd recommend? it looks like i'll have a day between each park
    3. where can i find the cheapest price on a rental car? id be picking it up in san diego


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  2. Default Wanna join me on MLB trip June 2-11?

    Seeing 6 stadiums. Would be fun to find a baseball lover like myself to split cost of hotels/rental car

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm a huge fan of baseball trips - I've been to all of the parks you'll be visiting, except Dodger Stadium.

    For rental car, you'll usually get the best price if you start and end in the same place, and it looks to me that you'll have to have to go from SoCal, up to the Bay Area, and then Back to LA if you want to hit all 5 stadiums, so a loop would probably make the most sense anyway. You might compare the costs of starting in San Diego vs. LA.

    For other things to do, if you want to stick with the baseball theme, touring the ballparks can be a fun experience, especially if you can go on a non-game day. Another thing to consider would be checking out some minor league games. The California League (High-A) would have numerous potential options for you, and there is also AAA ball in Sacramento and Fresno.

    Of course, there are plenty of non-baseball things to see and do in California, from National Parks like Sequoia and Yosemite, to other Scenic Wonders like the Coast Highway, to the cities themselves, you'll have no shortage of things you could see in between games and your drives between cities.

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