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  1. Default NYC to Acadia, 5 days?

    I'm thinking of a solo road trip from NYC to Acadia National Park. I plan to go from November 22nd to November 26th, which is 5 days.

    Is 5 days too short?

    I know the 22nd and the 26th will have to be all-day drives, but I still have 3 full days (23rd, 24th, 25th) in Acadia, no?

    If 5 is too short, I'm willing to stay at Mystic Seaport, CT.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You've already laid it out, you're going to need a full day each way for the drive, but that still gives you 3 full days at the National Park. Could you spend more time there, sure, but plenty of people also spend less time there.

    Go and have fun!

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    Default For Your Consideration

    As Michael pointed out, your plan will work just fine as is. So what I'm going to suggest are just that: suggestions. Feel free to use or discard them as you will.

    Having driven that route many times (I lived on the Maine coast for a dozen years.) my first suggestion would be to spend as little time on I-95 as possible. Leave NYC via I-684 north up to I-84 east through Hartford to the Mass Pike (I-90) east to I-290 through Worcester and I-495 around Boston. Similarly, leave I-95 at Portland on I-295 to US-1 for the rest of your trip to Bar Harbor.

    The second suggestion has to do with timing. Yes, you could drive all the way to Bar Harbor in a day. But there's so much to see along that route that it would almost be a shame to do so. Consider instead going most of the way but at a more relaxed pace, especially if there's something you want to see along the way. This will probably have the additional advantage of saving you some money. Bar Harbor's season is quite short and inns and restaurants must make hay while the sun shines. So rather than spending four expensive nights in that area, look at the cost of spending only two nights there and the other two nights in less tourist-dependent towns such as Camden. That would shave a couple of hours off your two main driving days, and still let you spend the better part of three days in Acadia.

    But again, these are just things to think about. It's your trip.


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