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Since there'll be two of you, you can drive in the HOV lanes!

High Occupancy Vehicle

Depending on the day and time, you might want to go straight through. We've done this several times and enjoyed watching passing the traffic jam of single driver cars. It's great fun. Sometimes though, the HOV lane can back up too. I usually chance it.

You have to be on the ball though. Several times the HOV lane separates from I-75 and becomes a one lane road. Can get confusing if you're not paying attention.
You were so right!!

I saw the HOV lane. I went through Atlanta on the way back! It was Sunday around 7:30 PM when I was finishing the I-75 portion prior to heading west on I-20. I didn't bother going in it since I was traversing Atlanta, but you are damn right. I noticed multiple times how it just changes to a one lane road. It definitely required a lot of focus as I got the end of I-75, but I loved it. Seeing a massive Delta Boeing 777 takeoff over I-75, and seeing the city all lit up was awesome!

There were signs that that I-285 East was jammed up due to an accident so I didn't even risk going west on it for people curious of the accident. So I am happy I stayed with I-75!