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    Hi everyone, so my man and I are planning a trip starting in Oklahoma and going to New Orleans, from there to North Carolina and from there to New York. New York to Ohio and Ohio to Vegas. We have 17 days for this. We will take turns driving. Mostly we will spend only one night everywhere except for New Orleans, North Carolina and New York which will be 2 nights. Are we crazy to attempt this?

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    In order to complete the trip you've described, without endangering yourselves and those sharing the road with you, you would need a minimum of 11 days. And that's with no stops other than to get gas, eat, and go to the bathroom. Add just a single day in each of the cities or states you've listed as destinations and that and you're up to 18 days. So clearly you are biting off more than you can chew.

    It does not help that you have two drivers and plan to 'take turns driving'. Each of you will, whether driving or 'navigating', be subject to the same energy-draining effects of sitting motionless in a car while the Interstate relentlessly and monotonously rolls by. You simply cannot get any meaningful rest, let alone sleep, in a moving car. That's why professional drivers are required by law to spend no more than 10 hours a day in the working cab. Otherwise they must be in a sound-dampened, isolated, full-length bed. And even if you could sleep, you'd be robbing the driver of help they need: a little music, a navigator, and most importantly - someone to watch and make sure they aren't starting to doze off.

    And seriously, why are you driving all the way to Las Vegas if you only plan to stay the night there before heading back to Oklahoma?

    To put it bluntly: This plan won't work. It is too much. And yes, you'd be crazy to attempt it. Please don't.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    When I get to a certain point in planning a trip, there is always that question of time that pops up. So I start doing something like this:

    Oklahoma City to New Orleans - 710 miles - 1.5 days drive
    New Orleans to Charlotte, NC - 710 miles - 1.5 days drive
    Charlotte, NC to NYC - 650 miles - 1.5 days drive
    NYC to Cleveland OH - 500 miles - 1 day drive
    Cleveland OH to Las Vegas - 2150 miles - 4 days drive

    So you can see here, you have about 10 days driving time in 17 days. You want to spend 2 nights in NO, NC, and NY. You have to stay a night somewhere between OKC and NO, an extra night between NO and NC, an extra night between NC and NYC, and 3 nights between OH and LV.

    You have about filled your trip, but it seems quite "out of the way" to throw Las Vegas into the mix when you have the makings of a great eastern section trip. I wouldn't be the one that says "don't do that", though, because my husband and I have done similar crazy things and ended up having a great time. But we weren't necessarily on a crunched time limit, either. So you have to weigh in.

    It does take a bit of time to drive the USA -- we are a big country. We always recommend a driving day of about 500-550 miles, so those 710 mile distances should be broken up. (Even my husband and I avoid those like the plague, as your brain and body get fatigued and by the time you realize it, you've been driving too long.)


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    Of course it's too much - and while "crazy" might be one way to describe attempting a trip like this, "homicidal" is really a better, and more accurate description.

    As Buck and Donna already pointed out, you don't even have enough time to physically do what you proposed, and I think what you laid out really just goes to show how little thought you've put into this. I mean, Las Vegas is 2000 miles in the opposite direction of anything else you want to see - and you didn't even list that as a place where you'd spend 2 days! To put it one more way - the distance from OKC to Las Vegas alone is nearly the same as the distance from OKC to NYC!

    The good news is that 17 days is a nice amount of time for a trip, and if you simply ignore the Vegas part and do a loop from OKC to NYC and back, that's something you can certainly work with. But you really need to put a lot more thought into things if you want this to go from being a "crazy idea" into a "amazing roadtrip."

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