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    Good morning. I need to do a road trip from Detroit to Chattanooga in mid-Nov. Only remember going south on I-75 in December back in the early 2000s and wasn't bad at all. Was just wondering if November during that time of year is still decent.

    Thanks to all who respond.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    At the heart of your question, you're asking us to predict the exact weather conditions for a specific day sometime in the middle of next month.

    Most likely, the weather will be fine, but by mid-November, you certainly have a chance of starting to see winter weather. Just like your previous December trip, you saw perfectly good weather on the days of your travel, but that doesn't guarantee you'd see good weather if you traveled again in December of this year.

    All you can do is keep an eye on the forecast and stay flexible. If it looks like there will be bad weather on the day you plan to travel, then either delay your trip by a day or so, or plan to break the trip up into 2 legs.

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    Thanks for the reply and welcome Midwest Michael! My thoughts exactly! Take care.

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    Even if you stay on I-75 the entire way, and have absolutely perfect weather, this trip would be pushing beyond the boundaries of what's reasonable for a one day drive. I will also note that there are currently about a dozen construction zones in effect on I-75 between Detroit and Chattanooga that will slow you down even if everything else works out perfectly. So you ought to plan on making at least one overnight stop on this trip. Given the time of year that you'll be traveling, reservations should not be necessary, so you can play it by ear a bit and just get off the road after about ten hours behind the wheel (including short food/fuel/bathroom stops) or whenever the weather turns against you. Just don't be tempted to 'Press On Regardless' as you near Tennessee with darkness falling.


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    Driven Detroit to Tampa many times. Chattanooga is 631 miles. Google shows 9 1/2 hours but reality shows around 12. It's almost a given that there will be delays from traffic, construction and maybe an accident.

    Unless you have remarkable luck, You'll need to stop at Corbin Kentucky or Jellico Tennessee.

    As far as winter weather goes, you'll most likely have a great drive. But if the weather deteriorates you'd better put your defensive driving in high gear. Watch out for the other guy! They're just not used to dealing with it in southern Kentucky and Tennessee.

    In Detroit a couple inches of snow or sleet is nothing, but it can shut down I-75. Even the restaurants will close and send their workers home! Happened to me a couple years ago near Jellico Tennessee. I was astounded. Cars were spinning out and going off the road all around me with a little freezing rain. I could have driven that for hours but not in the middle of a Tennessee demolition derby. I got off for my own safety and headed for a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. It closed for the weather! Everything closed! Even gas stations. Incredible!

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