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    Hi! I'm currently trying to plan a trip for my family who is coming over to the US for the first time next summer. They're coming from Asia so I would like to make this trip as memorable as possible as its a long journey here. They have around 11 days here.

    I'm planning to go the route Chicago-Cleveland-Buffalo-Boston-New York-Philadelphia-DC-New York but it seems quite packed so I would like to get some opinion on that! I know on their wishlist they would like to visit the Niagara Falls, New York and the White House so I'm trying to incorporate all of that into the trip. Also, I found that if I rent a car one way like that I would have to incur a hefty fee. Would you think its better to rent a car or go on a train?

    Thank you!!

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    The itinerary you've outlined is simply too much to try to do in just eleven days if you want your relatives to enjoy their visit to America. You would need to devote something between three and four days just to doing the driving, and that's assuming that you stick strictly to the Interstates and forego any of the back roads scenery or small town charm that make America what it is. That would leave you less than a day in each of the cities you've listed. And even that doesn't take into account that you, presumably, have to get back to Chicago.

    If you can't show them everything, then showing them the best of a smaller area would be the way to go. Take at least a couple of days to show them your home, Chicago, and let them get over their jet lag, then take slightly slower roads such as US-20/US-6 to Cleveland and on up to Niagara Falls. Next take a leisurely drive down through central New York state, particularly the Finger Lakes region, to New York City. That would let you see a bit of countryside as well as having a couple of days each in the major cities. Most importantly it would let you relax! And still leave you some time (a day and a half minimum) to get yourself back to Chicago.


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