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  1. Default Is is possible to drive from Florida to Vegas and back in 8 to 10 days

    By that , I mean and having time to see anything along the way. I would like to try but have a feeling it may not be possible. If it can't be done, the alternative wold be to fly to Vegas, rent a car and try to make some side trips. Not at all interested in Vegas but that is our planned destination because we have a time share there.

    With the 2nd option in mind, what is near enough to Vegas to drive to in no more than 4 or 5 hours

    I would be trying to get in as much sightseeing as possible even if it means spending a couple of nights at the side-trip destinations. One of these would be Grand Canyon for sure. Drive out, spend that day and night and plan on going elsewhere the next day. It would also be nice if we could make the 'elsewhere' a worthwhile destination such that we would drive from Grand Canyon to the next stop. Vegas would simply be our starting point and where we would need to end up at the end in order to fly back to Florida.

    Of all the possible things to see while in that part of the county, what would be the most memorable, interesting, colorful, unusual etc.

    Thanks for any advice. We are hoping to get time for a more extended trip perhaps early next year.

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    Default Not really

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    "Florida" is kind of a huge target - remember, it's more a full day drive just to get from Miami to Pensacola - but no, it really is not possible to drive from anywhere in Florida to Vegas and back in 8-10 days, and have time to see anything. From most of the state, you need at least 4 full days just to safely cover the miles, one-way - so that's at least 8 days just driving round trip before you spend any time in Vegas, much less see things along the way.

    Vegas is a great base for daytrips - here are some of the many places you can get to within a day of Vegas.

    Your initial ideas of the Grand Canyon are good - it's a place where an overnight stay is really needed if coming from Vegas. An easy loop to look at would be going the Grand Canyon, going up into Utah for Zion, and maybe Bryce Canyon National Park, and then head back to Vegas, perhaps stopping at Valley of Fire State Park. Of course, there are plenty of other options within relatively easy reach of the Grand Canyon, like Monument Valley, the Petrified Forest, and the Sedona area.

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    By 4 full days, we mean 550 mile days, about 10 hours a day, on the road. Hubby and I have driven coast to coast a couple of times. Our trip between Phoenix and Orlando was 4 days of very heavy driving, somewhere between 500 and 600 miles each day.

    I would recommend a fly-drive if all you have is 8 to 10 days. It will cost a lot less in the long-run, too, and give you more time to see all the things that Michael suggested. Do keep in mind that the Grand Canyon South Rim (the only one open in Winter) is at 7000' elevation so it can be subject to snow, ice and cold, so dress accordingly. Bryce is also up there in elevation.


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    Thanks much. We have been hammering this ever since i posted the question and fter hours of trying to get the biggest circle possible, I think we might rent a camper-van in Vegas, head out for the Grand Canyon overlook. From there to the normal entrance and maybe spend the night . Next day try to ct through the tip of Colorado and see the San Juan national forest before heading up to I 70 in grand junction in Utah. If there's time, i would like to take a run over to Great Salt Lakes before heading down to Bryce Canyon and then Zion National Park. Last stop before the return to Vegas and a flight home.
    On the map it is a large oval shape that would let us get a little but of everything with the thought that this might guide us when we can make that 6 to 8 week journey that hopefully will get us all the way to the beginnings of Alaska. :).
    I would be extremely grateful for any recommendations of the best places to plan on spending the limited time we will have this trip. We are hoping that by driving camper-van we will ave a little more time to spend at each location.

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    When are you planning to take this trip? You've posted this in the fall/winter section, and as Donna mentioned, many of the areas you're talking about visiting are at high elevation where trying to sleep in a campervan in winter would be quite uncomfortable to say the least.

    For that matter, how many people make up the "we" of your group?

    Are you still thinking 8-10 days for this trip, including flights? Are you going to spend any time in Vegas at all? It looks to me like you're in danger of still overdoing what you can reasonably fit into your timeline. If it were me, I'd certainly skip SLC and stay closer to I-70, hitting Arches and Canyonlands and perhaps Capitol Reef too, but even that with just 8 days would be a very busy itinerary.

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    About two weeks ago I was headed west across southern Colorado. Watching the weather reports I decided to skip van camping at Great Sand Dune National Park and instead book a motel on the west side of the mountain (Pagosa Springs). Ended up being a good decision as the rain was beginning to slush on both sides of the mountain pass in the mid-afternoon and 8-10 inches of snow fell overnight closing the highway.

    Morale of the story: there are lots of high mountain passes in the AZ/NM/CO/UT area. Bryce Canyon NP is also a high elevation area. Suggest you check the national park wbsite to learn more about typical conditions and to see what is open and closed.

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