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  1. Default .: Vegas to Yosemite thru Tioga Pass or Southbound (Fresno and boring stuff)?

    We're from Brazil and our plan is to drive (a C25 or similar RV) from Vegas to Yosemite next year (mid-september). "We" are me, wife and our 6-year-old daughter. It should be our very first time driving a RV, but I'm not afraid of that, btw. :)

    Our Plan A: Vegas > Death Valley > Lone Pine > Mammoth Lakes > Lee Vining > Tioga Pass > Yosemite Valley
    We do plan to sleep @ Lone Pine (1 night) and Mammoth Lakes (1 or 2 nights) before heading to Yosemite Valley. I've read some people telling me not to drive a C25 thru Tioga Pass, 'cause it's very steep, narrow lines, hard on brakes, etc. We're looking for scenical drives, but it must be safe for us, for sure.

    Plan B (boring): Death Valley > Lake Isabella > Fresno > Yosemite Valley

    What would you recommend to us, guys?
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Tioga Pass is a challenging mountain drive, but it also is a drive made by thousands upon thousands of RVs every year. You should follow some common sense guidelines for mountain driving - keep your speed down, make sure to downshift so you don't have to ride your brakes, etc.

    But this really is an easy one: Take Tioga!

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    Default Go for it !

    By the time you arrive at the Tioga Pass you would have had plenty of time to familiarise yourself with the RV and the road is all 2 lane paved road, so go for it. I have driven it in a 30ft RV and although it can feel a bit tight and twisty in places but it's no big deal, just be cautious. If you get a few cars caught up behind you just find a suitable pull out and let them by which eases any pressure on you and frustration on them.

    If you don't mind 'Boondocking' overnight near Lone Pine, check out the Alabama Hills and Mobas Arch along Movie Flat road. For us it was an unforgettable experience.

    It's obvious you are not finishing your trip in Yosemite so what's next ? Back to Vegas ? I ask as I would disagree with your plan 'B' statement as there are no boring places, that's a state of mind. ;-) You also have Sequoia NP between Yosemite and Lake Isabella.

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    Tks a lot for encouraging me, guys water/sewer/energy with 2 girls...really? Hehehehe, I'm joking. It's not our plan, but I'll think about that, for sure. Any specific spot to park it?

    After Yosemite, we should go to Napa/Sonoma Valley to taste some grape juice, San Francisco (we still need a good deal to deliver the RV in SFO), Monterey, Carmel, bla-bla-bla, Anaheim (Disney, agaaaaaaaaaaain), Vegas.

    Right before going to Yosemite, we do plan to spend some time (and money) going to Zion/Bryce/Horseshoe Bend/Monument Valley. Not sure if driving the RV or car/hotel.

    Btw, sorry about my bad English. Thanks again!

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    Default water/sewer/energy with 2 girls...really? Hehehehe, I'm joking.
    As long as you have topped up the fresh water and emptied the waste you would have plenty of water and with a house battery and a generator on board, plenty of energy to. (But I understand. Haha)

    San Francisco (we still need a good deal to deliver the RV in SFO),
    Its hard to find a good deal with a one way drop off fee charge and then you could be facing the same again if you swap to a car. It's often best to pick one mode of transport and stick with it throughout the trip, it saves money, time and inconvenience. We love the RV lifestyle but as long as you know that it will actually cost you more than a car and Motels by the time you add all the associated costs that go with an RV. (Mileage charges, high fuel usage, campground fees, kitchen and bedroom kits etc)

    Btw, sorry about my bad English. Thanks again!
    Your English is fine, better than some English people. haha.

    You have a nice trip planned, but how much time will you have to do it in ?

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    Hey Dave, I'm sorry I did not say I was kidding about "boring" places if choosing not to go thru Sierras/Tioga. I was. :o)

    It's quite "impo$$ible" for us to make it (roundtrip, I mean) in the RV. From Vegas to Vegas, (I'M GUESSING) should take around 15/18 days.

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    It would be possible to do 2 loop trips out of Vegas to avoid one way drop fees if you want an RV for part of the trip. One to Zion, Bryce, Monument valley and one to Yosemite and SF etc using a car for one and an RV for the other. You haven't mentioned Grand canyon which I would recommend visiting the South rim after Monument valley. If you planned to do a tour to GC from Vegas I would advise not to, most tours do not go to the National park they go to the west rim which is nothing like the 'real thing'. Spend a night at the NP and get to witness a sunset.

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